Grosgrain? Charmed to meet you!... and a bit of Sunshine!

I would love to say that I came up with this brilliant idea, but I didn't. Most likely I saw it in a magazine a few years back. Probably Real Simple Magazine. It's the type of thing they would do. It's simple and it's genius!

I have a few charm bracelets lying around. They don't get much wear. Sometimes I wear them in the summertime, but during these cold, busy months they just get in the way. And I turn into a homebody and my social life hibernates until I can pull out my cute cotton (Lilly, of course!) dresses and sandals. But I always like to wear necklaces. Chokers are my favorites. Wearing charm bracelets as necklaces is a fun thing to do! No, my neck is not that small, sillies! But you'll need just one, simple thing to convert your bracelet into a fun and whimsical necklace. Some grosgrain ribbon. Try this trick. Give a new life to something old. You'll be charmed, of this I am sure!


simple charm bracelet made of semi precious stones...

add simple grosgrain ribbon and a the old piece of jewelry that sat around is transformed!

Bonne idee, n'est ce pas?

To do this you'll need about 2 feet of a fairly narrow grosgrain ribbon. Cut ribbon so that you have 2 equal pieces in length, approximately 1 foot for each side. Thread the ribbon through the ends of the bracelet, about half way through. Make a knot in the center of the ribbon where it meets the necklace, and leave the ends free. This will help secure the ribbon to the necklace so it doesn't slip and so you won't have to readjust the ribbon every time you wear the necklace.You may need to trim the ends from time to time. (Sometimes I like to switch the ribbon out for a different touch of color.) And of course it is super fun to add a bold grosgrain ribbon to a pearl bracelet to create a festive necklace.

and now for a bit of Sunshine... I was given this lovely Sunshine Award from two wonderful bloggers. My good friend Bevvy over at It's a Golden Day and a new blogger that I have recently had the privilege to Tweet with, Coryanne Ettiene author of Housewife Bliss. Please visit their wonderful blogs if you have not had a chance to do so!

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This is the hard part... there are so many wonderful fun, fascinating, informative, funny, (etc!!!) blogs out there... I hate to pick and choose... I don't want to leave anyone out.... know that I love all of your blogs!

My friend Queen Bee Swain, she's like the little sister I never had... though I think I almost old enough to be her mother

Mama Henley always makes me smile and we are going to meet up this summer. I can hardly wait!

Tickled Pink and Green, because not only do I love her blog but she makes me laugh... and us older (and I use that term very loosely!) mothers must stick together!

Tickled Pink Designs because Gabbi too makes me laugh. I love her blog and we're going to play a lot at the beach this summer... both with and without children! (And I am hoping this will inspire her to update her blog!) Meantime, take a look at all her preppy hand painted goodies!

this is hard!!!

I've only recently come across Summer is a Verb... and now we Tweet too! Love this blog!

Another blog that I am fairly new to is The Bogarde Buzz...please stop by and visit!

My good friend Beth... how can I not include The Ultimate Social Climber who does society some good while getting facials and massages... who knows how to laugh at herself and (at me!) and despite naysayers is a lovely person with a fun blog... I'm sure you are familiar with Social Climbers by now!

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Ok that's 12... this was hard... and to all the rest of you that I read religiously I either have not chosen you because you too have received this blog or because I have nominated you in the past... or because there was simply no room... and your time is next!

I love you all!!!