green with envy?

I love the color green. Especially bright greens. Greens are fresh and springlike and natural and organic. Greens compliment so many colors. Mix them with blues, and of course pinks! Or use a splash of green to add a pop of color to a natural, neutral decor.

It might seem hard to believe for many of us as we are about to get hit with yet another winter storm, but Spring is just around the corner. Soon the snow will melt and the rains will fall, but from those rains little buds will start to pop out and soon our trees and lawns will be the color of citrus and emerald --fresh, new and magical. Green is a wonderful color.

The color green symbolizes nature and the natural world. Green also represents tranquility, good luck, health, and jealousy. Green is the symbol of fertility. Green is calming and the color is said to relieve stress.

While the rains prepare the trees and grounds for the buds and leaves and flowers to come, relieve some stress by wearing these Hunter rain boots as you splash in puddles. Unleash your inner 3 year old!
The ultimate preppy tennis shoe. Wearing these green Tretorns will just make you happy!


This green straw tote with bamboo handle from Land's End
is fun and affordable and is a perfect bag to transition into summer.


Watches are my absolute favorite accessory. I would have one in every color!


I love green accessories in my kitchen!


A Mint Mojito. I cannot think of a perfect green cocktail!


This green dining room is calming and welcoming...
your guests will want to linger over a cup of green tea for hours!
(Photo, This Old House)

Furniture is a great way to dress up and color a room.
(Photo, Coastal Living)


Green apples and green stemmed flowers are a great, natural,
organic way to add some Springtime green into your home

One day, when I don't have kids to schlep all over the place I'll hop on my mint green Vespa and take off!