She's No Dummy: A Lesson in Spelling

Rebecca's learning all about Benjamin Franklin in her social studies class. She came home from school telling me all that he had done to create what fire safety is today -- that he had started the first insurance company and bought, published and wrote for a newspaper. He was also responsible for opening the first hospital in Philadelphia... all this when he was not too busy discovering electricity. She was clearly impressed.

Rebecca was sitting at the kitchen table writing out an outline for her homework assignment. She struggled over the word Philadelphia. She asked me how to spell it and I wouldn't tell her. OHMIGOD I HAVE BECOME MY MOTHER!!! I told her to look it up. She asked if she was supposed to Google it. Seriously!!

I explained that Google is not research. It's a lazy girl's dream. Besides my computer was on the kitchen counter as I was trying to locate jambalaya recipes. Christopher was in the playroom on the other laptop. "So how'm I supposed to figure out how to spell it?" She asked me. Imitating her pre-teen angst, I sarcastically ask her if she knows what a dictionary is. Sarcasm is then returned. "You have one?" She asks incredulously. I tell her to go in the office. I have several. She can look up the word the old fashioned way. The letter P comes after the letter O I tell her. Silently, in my head, I say the alphabet... LMNOP just to be sure.

But Rebecca is way more resourceful than I. And perhaps equally as lazy. She heads over to the refrigerator!


And below a bit of snarky, preppy, New England humor... I should have signed it. Makes me laugh! Not sure what got into me when I drew this. Clearly I was having fun!