OOD: Outffit of the Day... (That's so Hot!)

I had my first day of physical therapy. And it's about 2 degrees outside with ice and snow on the ground. So anything vaguely resembling the word chic or cute will have to stay inside until the Big Thaw. It's all about practicality and dressing appropriately these days. I'm terrified of falling, slipping or tripping. Basically there is nothing holding my shoulder in place and one wrong turn, or fall cause it to pop back out again. I'm not taking that chance. So not going there. Because then surgery would be an absolute must. And I'm sorry but slings are so not cute. Unless... someone would get me a Lilly sling!

But still, I'm chicken and a scaredy cat and so if I can go without surgery I am. There is a good bit of damage to some of the words that I cannot pronounce inside my shoulder. In non medical terms there is a divot on the round part of the bone in my shoulder. It chipped off at some point. Which means it is rubbing up against the cartilege thingy under it and most likely damaging that too. So the burning sensation I am feeling in my shoulder is not so good. Hopefully a rigid schedule of therapy can set me on the right road.

So today I dressed comfortably, practically, sensibly and so not stylishly. But I did match my hair bow to my top and I did have my pearls on and I was tidy. So, under the circumstances, I looked decent and ready to tackle the gym with a vengeance.

Before we left for the therapy and school I made breakfast. The kids requested smoothies and todays request was for Banana Berry. It was DI-VINE, low fat, high protein and full of antioxidants and beta carotein. We finished up and were on our way.

I went through the rounds in the gym working with various pieces of equipment and that's when I looked down and saw the massive bright red smoothie stain on the front of my top! I'm sure my face turned as red! What did people think?

Was there a blogging patient in there blogging about the girl with the big red stain on her shirt? And how could she not notice? Because you so know I would do that! And, well I am!

When I saw that red stain, after my eyes bulged out of my head... after my face turned crimson, I looked down and said to myself "Now, that's Hot!" And started chuckling away!

I thought, since it's been a good while since I have had one of my cartoons on here, I would illustrate my outfit for you all!

By the way, I am so wearing black yoga pants and black top next time I go there!

And this is the smoothie that was so DI-VINE!


For the recipe for the Banana Berry Smoothie click here. Bibs not included!