Yesterday's Pink Post got me all excited for Valentine's Day which is just 3 weeks away. I love Valentine's Day. I love a holiday that celebrates pink and red and all things heart shaped. We'll be cooking, baking and crafting and having some good fun. I'll come up with ideas for Valentines for the kids to take to school. I'm sure I will end up getting suckered into baking or creating something for all three classes. This drives me insane, but I really do enjoy it!

I've found some great Valentine's ideas over the past few days. I can't wait to try these!

Image, courtesy Martha Stewart
How cute are these tea bags? I love this idea.
This is something the kids can easily make and give to their teachers
along with some heart shaped baked treats!
I've already gone ahead and bought a jumbo box of Twinings English Breakfast Tea!

Image courtesy Martha Stewart
I just adore these little felt shaped heart that have simply been placed over little buttons.
This is a perfect way to make every day clothing a little more festive!
Simply cut out hearts from felt and place a little slit in the middle of the heart, slide over button, et voila!

Image Courtesy Martha Stewart
Aren't these tulips lovely?
Simply place tulips in a small bud jar.
Place bud jar in a larger vase and add the candied hearts!

Image Courtesy Martha Stewart
Or, spice up your flowers by following the same method as above!

Image Courtesy Martha Stewart
How about some White Chocolate Covered Fruit? Some Sweeties for your Sweetie!
I'm all for edible flowers!

Image courtesy Martha Stewart
I'm all for the simplicity of baking brownies or fudge and decorating them with a small candied heart.
These are simply perfect!

Image Courtesy Martha Stewart
I love these pastel lollipop flowers!
A sweet treat for a preschooler.

Image, Family Fun Magazine
For any Choo Choo Loving Little Boy, these cupcakes are on a roll!
I think I might have to make these for Alexander's class!

Image, Courtesy Martha Stewart
Nothing Says Bite Me like these delectable heart shaped sugar cookies!
I think I will be making these for Becca's class!

Image, Williams-Sonoma
Whoopie Pies? Heart Shapes?
Can it really get any better than this?
I think NOT!
(The Whoopie Pie originated in Maine, therefore this is the Perfect Preppy Valentine Treat!)
Perhaps this is what the children will give the teachers with their tea bags...

Image, Williams-Sonoma
I love the idea of mini chocolate cupcakes in this heart shaped box! 

Image, Williams Sonoma
You'll need some lovely gift tags to adorn all your wonderful edible treats!

Image, Pottery Barn Kids
I love the idea of this Valentine Garland!
I think we'll have such fun making one ourselves!

Perhaps you'll want to have some friends over and have Valentine's Lunch
(keep the evening open for your Sweetie!)
For a light, yet festive menu click here.

I'll have many more fun ideas for you in the days to come!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!