I'm a Hypocrite... But I had a BLAST with Tamara!!!

It's cold outside. Miserably bone chilling cold. The kind of cold that makes you wish you were a bear and could hibernate all winter long. The kind of cold that turns even the most social and outgoing girl into a home body.

It's so cold outside that I've lost all desire to put on the cute sweaters and jeans. It's so cold outside that this stylish girl would much rather be comfortable and warm and practical. Practical means trading in oh so cute flats and chic boots for the running shoes with thick treads so that she does not slip on the ice, risking fall and reinjury to the shoulder. Cute and bright colored fleece tops and black yoga pants with warm socks are the outfits du jour in the frozen tundra these days. (Pearls and pony tails with grosgrain ribbons too.) I hate the cold. I hate hate hate the cold. Madly. Passionately.

The other night we were headed out to see my adorable little niece perform in her school musical, High School Musical Junior. I hadn't gotten dressed as I normally would have. I was seated in the kitchen at my laptop when my husband told me to hurry up. It's time to go. I looked at him and told him I was ready.
"You're going like that?"
"I am."
"You're really going out like that?"
I replied once again, "I am."
"You cannot leave the house looking like that."
"It's eleven Goddamned degrees outside. I will go out as I wish."
"You can't. Go change." Then he added "You wouldn't go see your children's play like that."
"Unless they were on Broadway I damn well would."
"You would not."
"I would."

And it went on like this a few more times.
In the end I gave up and felt like a child defeated. Put on my boyfriend jeans, black boots, white shirt and black cardigan. Jeans felt cold and uncomfortable. I wanted my fleece and yoga pants.
Darling husband took one look at me, my boyfriend jeans, and said sounding a lot like my mother (or me talking to the children) "Had I known you were going to put that on I would have told you not to change."
It's cold outside. This is why I don't socialize in the winter.
Then he looked at me and told me I was a hypocrite for telling people to dress nicely when they leave the house.

Well, yeah... just because I had my yoga pants on I was still neat and tidy. I wasn't wearing flannel pajama bottoms with Bud Light cans on them for crying out loud. (He was totally referring to this post where he thought I was being a total snot and snob.) And yeah, I'm a total snot and snob. Unless it's like below 12 degrees. And I'll have you all know that I had to go to the grocery store today. I normally dread this but today was hard. Not only was it frigid out there, but Tamara (Cancer Sucks Even with Lilly Pulitzer on Your Side)  kept me out till we closed the bar down the night before. And to say I was tired was a great understatement. And to say I had a headache was a great understatement. And to say I looked like heck was a great understatement. And by that same token, to say we had a blast was also a great understatement. Oh man did we have fun!

I braved the cold for her. I got dressed for her... and was it ever worth it!

Here we are outside wonderful Cafe Lola in Fairfield, CT.
You would not know it was 11 degrees out!


Tamara enjoyed the Madame Pigalle and while I was eying The Muse in Red High Heels
I was chauffeur and acted responsibly sticking to a glass of Malbec instead!


Tamara's tilapia


Because I couldn't make up my mind I got two appetizers instead of an entree!
These moules in curry sauce were positively to die for!


And the house salad with the champagne vinaigrette was light, fresh and fabulous!

After dinner we headed back to her hotel and had another cocktail at the bar... which we ended up closing!


Here we are, well after Midnight!
(Man my roots are dark, yikes!!)

I told Tamara you all had been asking about her wishing her well. She wanted me to tell you all  that she is well and that as soon as she can she'll get back to blogging again. She misses it terribly. She misses you all terribly!

To say we had an amazing time really is an understatement. Tamara is now a friend for life! We're planning on getting together again and hoping that some other local New York Area bloggers will join us!