I Pick Pink!

The other day I kept Alexander home from school. He had had a low grade fever the day before and was suffering from a terrible cold. 4 year olds are not terribly good about blowing their icky noses throughout the day. And they tend to be a little too generous with their bad germs. So like any good mother would do, I opted not to send him in. (Although I really, really, really needed a day to myself to get some stuff done.)

I somehow got him to agree, after getting him all hopped up on Motrin, to come to the grocery store with me. Normally he will do no such thing. Normally I am loathe to take any of my children to the grocery store. But my fridge was bare. And, I told Alexander I would let him pick some stuff out. What a silly idea that was!

Here's a good lesson in parenting: Don't let your Four Year Old Take Over Your Shopping Cart!
Or you too will end up with:

A pistachio muffin from the bakery, mostly uneaten
1 Pound of "pink stuff" from the deli (hint it goes really well with cheese!)
Toy Story Cheese Its
Toy Story Fruit Chews
Scooby Doo Go-Gurts
1 Pez Toy Candy -- a Disney Dalmation

I somehow managed to get some of my own, healthier items in there to balance out the bad.I did forget eggs, Windex and paper towels.

Then I got to thinking what if I shopped just for the things that I wanted, disregarding what we needed... disregarding diets... choosing simply those items that would make me happy?

I choose Pink. Pink foods make me happy!

Here are my favorite Pink Foods!

Like Alexander, I too would stop by the bakery fist. But I would choose a frosted pink donut with pastel rainbow sprinkles!


And I might need a little bit of sparkling (spiked?) pink lemonade to wash it down with!
(Image, Southern Living)


I've been craving these guys... never better than eaten in Maine, freshly caught!


Let me tell you, I could really go for these right about now! (Yes, even at 3:15 in the morning!!)


But it might need some of this, Pink Himalayan salt, (I get mine at Trader Joes!)


I love grapefruit and all things grapefruit!


PerhapsI'll pick up a few of these guys, bake them and serve them with a spicy remoulade!

I'll celebrate with some pink champagne!


Snack on some pretty pink heart shaped French macaroons.


Finish the day with my most favorite kind of ice cream, peppermint stick!
But not until I add a few pink Sprinkles!

I'll need to wash my sticky hands with the grapefruit scented hand soap.
(Williams Sonoma)

And finally, try as I may, in the end I simply would not be able to pass by this perfectly pink mixer without tossing it into my cart!

Boy, it sure is fun to shop like a Four Year Old! What would you put in your grocery cart if you could have anything at all that you wanted?