a sneak peak...

The family room newly dressed in Benjamin Moore's Under the Big Top... I LOVE it!

And the kitchen... It's bright. It's bold. It's GREEN! Most people could not use a color this bright. I ought to have a sign that says Welcome to my Margarita! Or perhaps, Would you Like Some Salt with your Kitchen? Bwahahaha! But I have big plans. And when the copper is all hung on the walls, and the drapes are up and my rolling pins are displayed it will work. It will. And I will repost.

Many of you will think Egads! What has she done?
And some of you will know I am certifiable...
And some of you might even envision a few pink and white party animals in a bold pattern dancing on my walls... Hmmmm... pink cabinets? I am SO kidding!

Have patience my friends. It will all come together. My style is classic with whimsy. The walls are my whimsy. Everything else will be the classic.

And the color I chose is Benjamin Moore Stem Green.

The photo below was taken at night so the color is a little more neon/vibrant than it is in the daytime. I will have to reshoot the room for you all.

Next year we replace the counters and the floors. Dark wood, wide planks. And the countertops will get replaced as well.

Ok, enough with my rambling... here's the Big Reveal!

I'm so excited because I have about 6 framed needle point pictures that my grandmother made years and years ago. They are all of various fruits in vegetables in this spring green. Can't wait to hang them on the walls by the pantry area! The frames are too pale and I need to stain them a bit darker first.

So there's your stripped down, bare bones redo... Kitchen bathroom and Master Bedroom next!

I really, really appreciate my husband for letting me express myself and creativity and for throwing caution to the wind. I know he doesn't love the changes yet. But I do know that when all is said and done he will love it all. And I am pretty sure he knows so too and that is why he let me have my way with all the colors in the end.

I love you Buggie ;)