Oh Chritstmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree,..

Greetings from Snowy Southern Connecticut!

And now for my tree! I would love to call it the formal tree, and I suppose it is. But more than anything it is my tree!

Here is the tree as she stands in the living room as seen from the foyer.
And below the view from the center of the Living Room. Now that I look at it on the screen I see that I will need some more filler balls. I have a bunch of leftover silver ones that I will use. They are nothing fancy. Just simple, and best, they were inexpensive and from Target!

The tree, like my decorating style, is classic with whimsy. I have mixed formal with informal, and fun and festive.

My ornaments vary from quite pricey to very inexpensive. Some are very formal and others are whimsical. This tree, for the most part, is dressed in gold, silver, and glass. I love the simplicity of it. My kids think it quite boring though!

The above was a simple ornament that I found at Target.

I love these pine cones!

Many of my glass ornaments actually hail from Banana Republic and Pottery Barn!

My mother had these angelic ornaments on her tree. She has an angel collection but no longer puts up a Christmas tree. I have inherited these wonderful cherubic delights... which is a good thing since they were all gifts from me in my youth!

This glass pineapple is one of my favorites. it is from Newport. The pineapple is the Welcome symbol and seen throughout the town. I recently got one for a friend as a gift as she has a wonderful and extensive pineapple collection.

I love this wonderful Waterford ornament. It was a gift from my mother in law.

And my whimsy. This is Santa's bell... right off his very own sleigh!

This is one of my favorite ornaments... It was from an ornament exchange that my girlfriends and I attend yearly!

This angel bears the only true "color" on my tree. She is an antique, a favorite of mine and a gift to my mother from me in my youth. My mother regifted it to me. Who says regifting is a bad thing? This angel makes me happy. She makes me smile. She reminds me of the tree at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A tree I frequented a good bit as a child.

And this is the only item on the tree that is not mine, was not purchased by me or for me. This is Rebecca's angel standing gracefully on top. She looks lovely there!

Many of you have asked about my White Cookbooks. Indeed they belonged to my grandmother, La Jolie Grandmere. There is a lovely story behind them. But these cookbooks are worthy of their very own post... and I am working on that. So hang tight! My grandmother covered them all in white so that they would look prettier in her kitchen. The books in her Living Room were arranged by color in lieu of by title or author. This is the same Grandmother who painted her television pink to go with the pink walls in her bedroom! And the quirky apple does not fall far from the quirky apple tree!

I have much shopping (for my darling husband) and baking in store for me today. The cleaning people show at 3:30 so I would like to have made my mess before their arrival, as opposed to after their arrival which is usually the case!