A day filled with distractions and a very Mad Men-like Lunch!

The painters showed up at 9:30 promptly. The kitchen was getting primed. The trim was getting painted. The family room would turn from a vomit colored beige (I didn't pick it!) to my nice, cool, soothing, relaxing blue. My plan was basically to hibernate upstairs all day with the exception of a quick stop to Trader Joe's to get some milk, butter and chocolate chips. Their chocolate chips, by the way, are far superior to those found in the familiar yellow bag at the grocery store. And at $1.99 they are a good bit less expensive. I'm getting distracted as I am prone to do. Which is what happened to me all day yesterday. I also needed to get to the paint store to choose a green for the kitchen. I was running out of time, fast!

I got what I needed at Trader's and then it dawned on me that it was December 1st and I ought to have an advent calendar for the kids. We've been getting the chocolate-filled ones there for the past few years. This year they were out! Out! How could it be? So I went next door to Pier 1, thinking they would have something. But nope. I had fun meandering through the store, picked up a couple of really charming ornaments for my Ornament Exchange next week and then poked around some more. Suddenly I lost focus. I headed out of the store and texted my husband. It's the only way we can communicate as he spends the bulk his days in the OR. I told him that I wasn't having any luck with the advent calenders. I then mentioned that I was headed to TJ Maxx to see if there were any there.

In the parking lot I got distracted as I ran into my friend Betsey and we wandered into the store together. As we were walking around aimlessly (even though I was on a mission) I walked into the pajama and nightgown rack filled with Lanz of Salzburg and Lilly Pulitzer. Yes, Lilly pajamas at TJs! I had my hand on one pair but they were light cotton. Great for summer but not so great for these New England winters. As we chatting excitedly our friend Paula, down the aisle, heard us and came over to see what the commotion was all about! I told her of my dilemma. Lovely PJs (only $40!) but not so practical. "But wait," she told me. "They do have flannel!" And she reached into the rack and located the flannel pair. How lovely! How perfect! How perfectly mine!

But typical to my day I had gotten distracted. I was there for an advent calendar not pretty pajamas! And off I went in search of my calendar... after locating a darling Lanz nightgown for Becca. It was white with little black Scotties all over it wearing different colored scarves. Very festive and perfect for Christmas. The nightgown would have to be hemmed.

I texted my husband all my good findings. He must not have been in the OR because he texted back. Promptly.

A little while later I received a text: i cu beige coat burberry scarf
I looked around. No where to be seen.
Another text: red shoes
I responded: where r u?
To which he replied: where r u?
And then I spotted his head... I bent down and snuck around to startle him!

And since his case was cancelled we went out to lunch!

We went to one of my favorite local restaurants, Barcelona and enjoyed a lunch of tapas, soup, wine and bread. The decor is very late 60s. Daddy was in his suit. Something about our lunch was so very Mad Men. Don and Polly dining together. Cocktails. This was my husband's observation.

After lunch I was going to head home to put my milk and butter in the refrigerator. But I was reminded by my husband that I had signed up to make gingerbread men for Alexander's preschool class. I think it is time I get myself an iPhone to help me keep track of all my activities! This gingerbread-making is a tradition. The parents make the gingerbread men. (We made 40 large cookies.) The children decorate them. Suddenly the gingerbread men disappear! And the children must scour the entire school to find them! It's terribly adorable!

I was just about to go home to put the milk and the butter in the fridge when I remembered the green paint! Luckily the Benjamin Moore store is close to both school and my home. I found a swatch with two colors I really liked. I headed home. Luckily it was chilly out yesterday and my refrigerated items stayed cool!

I walked in to the house to find a newly painted family room. A blue family room. A very very blue family room... Um, I mean really blue. As I handed the paint swatch to the painters I decided to go with the lighter green, in case the kitchen walls end up too green, even for me!