Glad tidings...

As we waited (and waited and waited and waited) for the snow to come we stayed off the roads and hunkered down in the warmth and comfort of our home. I added some more Christmas touches here and there. The children's tree is done and the formal tree will get decorated this afternoon. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas especially now that the snow has fallen! Ten inches have fallen so far!

Come with me as I walk you through some more of the decorating I did yesterday!

I dressed my reindeer candle holders with large green bows. Oh the candles! Where are the candles? I can't find them anywhere!

I have our Christmas cards in a copper pot on display on the hearth in the family room. The red poinsettia adds a touch of festive color.

We brought in some firewood too keep us warm. More red poinsettia for a festive and colorful touch!

I decorated the light fixture in the kitchen with gold balls, gold snowflakes, pine cones and red cardinals... (Outside the window... no snow yet!)

A close up of the cardinals and pine cones that hang from the light fixture.

I dressed up the bowl and pitcher on the kitchen table with various types of pine cones too!

And Comet our fish is dressed up for the holidays in his big red tartan bow!

I hung some gold chains and silver balls from the chandelier in the dining room...

Some pink and white poinsettia add a bit of color to the mantle in the living room which still seems a bit blah to me...

Alexander decided to dress up some of the cook books !

And the children's tree is finally up! Filled with their ornaments, handmade and bought!

I hope you enjoyed my tour and I will post pictures when the formal tree is finished! But now I am off to make some hot cocoa for the children who have been playing in the snow!