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Seeing Red... and a Lilly inspired memory board

I went in for one of these... just because there is no better feeling than holding a Red Cup in your hands!

And then I saw this on the shelf!

so I snatched it up! Christmas Blend in the morning makes me even happier than a Red Cup!
and then I whipped out my Red card to pay...

and asked if I wanted one of these for free!!

So I went in for this

and got all of this!!!

And I finally got motivated to start Rebecca's memory board. The same one she has been begging me for for months! And I went at it freehand... (perhaps next time I'll use a ruler and be more precise!) But I'm pleased so far... just a little more to add... It's totally Lilly inspired. Can you see what I used with the swatches? She loves all things Lilly... I'm going to add a few more things, find some pictures of her friends, add one of my cartoons and wrap it up and put it under the tree!

Memory Board Tutorial

this one is really for the birds...