Back from The "Pig Pen" aka Pediatrician

One has to joke sometimes.

We have one healthy child with a lingering cough, Alexander.

And we have one child with pneumonia. We will be continuing our nebulizer treatments as we have, every 4 hours around the clock. Rebecca was tested for both strains of influenza virus, though at this point it doesn't matter. Our pediatrician has old school values. She is anti-Tamiflu. The side effects are often as debilitating as the actual flu virus, and who needs to worry about that when your child is already sick. She also has very mixed emotions regarding the H1N1 swab test. There have been both false positives and false negatives. They no longer even offer the "quickie" version. We'll know in about 48 hours whether Rebecca has/had either strain.

This H1N1 will mutate like the seasonal flu. This means that every year our children will be susceptible to this illness. I was anti vaccine this year, but may reconsider down the road. The vaccine is not foolproof either. There is a lot to sort out and digest.

Rebecca is fine and is under my watchful eye as well as the watchful care of our pediatrician.

If your child has the H1N1, or if you suspect that he or she does please bring him in to a pediatrician so that the doctor may make a proper assessment and diagnosis.

If you are proactive with this or any other illness, there is nothing to worry about.

Of course I was kidding about the Swine Flu party... I took the kids to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. I contemplated the whole party thing... Rebecca's ice cream shore did look good ;) I had a pumpkin spice coffee... not Starbucks but I didn't suffer through it!