Oh Shoot Me Now!

I did the dumbest thing. The dumbest thing. EVER!

As Alexander was falling asleep at the table struggling to keep his eyes open while eating his salad and olive and rosemary focaccia bread I suggested we go upstairs after dinner and I would give him a little cold medicine. It's been 3 long nights (for both of us) with his struggling to breathe in his sleep. I figured a little of the long-lasting purple liquid would help us out for the night. He's very agreeable to taking his medicine. I explained that I wanted him well rested so that we could go to his field trip to the farm tomorrow. (Because even though we are an hour outside of NYC we don't live near enough horses and cows... but that is besides the point!)

He felt cool to the touch as he had all day. But still I wanted to take his temperature to be sure. I recently bought this fancy little thermometer (oral) that reads your temperature in 30 seconds flat. It also lights up and turns green if your temperature is within the normal range, and red if it is high. Well, it turned red. Dammit. 100.3. Not alarmingly high by any stretch of the imagination. And frankly I was surprised. This kid was bouncing off of the walls and driving me bananas all day long! I mean this kid is well and he is fine. But he still had a fever. Which means he can't go to school again tomorrow. Which means he'll drive me bonkers and bananas another day. Which means we'll be stranded here again. Why oh why oh why oh why?

And if he has a fever again tomorrow it means he'll miss out on his Halloween party on Thursday... and if he has a fever again tomorrow it means I will miss out on my hair appointment (that I had to reschedule from today)... and my husband was out again this evening...

So I told Alexander that he could not go to school tomorrow. (Really wishing I had never taken his temperature and believing that everything was AOK.) And Alexander got up, stood on my head and did the Touchdown Dance thrusting his little hips and derriere like a 400 pound Quarter Backer. Seriously, he is NOT sick!

So I'm thinking... I'm thinking that maybe I'll take him. We'll be driving in my car with no other children. And we'll be outside the whole time. And I'll keep him away from others... I'm thinking that (unless it rains) the fresh air will do us both good...