Nice Jugs, Baby ;) A Fun Halloween Project for All Ages!

First you start off with your nice jug, baby ;)

and then you take a black Sharpie or other good black marker and draw a face on your jug,

Then you add a little grosgrain because your cute jug needs to get prepped out a little!

and you can add the word Boo! to it too, if you would like...

and you can have a little milk jug party and decorate your school's foyer with your Nice Jugs, Baby!

(For a fun, nighttime effect you can string white Christmas lights into the jugs and light them up. This gives the the jugs a fun and delightful non-fright!)

Looking for some more fun Halloween crafts? Spectacular Painted Pumpkins are fun for adults and older kids (and messy with little ones!) And if you are looking for something easier, we love to make these little Jack O Lantern Votives..a great project for all ages!

I'm sure we'll be crafting some more. Alexander is now fever-free but still has a terrible cough and runny nose. He's better off here at home with me for a while... He's supposed to be going on a Field Trip to a wonderful farm tomorrow. The trip is on rain or shine, but given his health we won't be going if the weather doesn't cooperate. The oven's been working on overtime, and will continue to be as long as I am stuck home with him, in the kitchen so be sure to check the food blog as I will be posting those soon too! I really don't want these goodies in my home, so let me know if you want any goody bags!