Autumn Snow Storms & Pumpkin Spice Lattes with Michael Buble (College Reunion final installment)

I have only ever been away from the kids one night in 10 years. Alexander wasn't even born. We went away for our 5 Year Anniversary to a resort about an hour away. So my leaving was new to the kids as well as myself. Rebecca was worried. Alexander seemed not to mind until it was his bedtime and I could see the tears in Christopher's eyes as I kissed him goodbye. He ran right upstairs. To his bedroom to cry, he told me later, when I returned. And I would be lying to say that I didn't have tears in my eyes when I kissed them goodbye and pulled out of our driveway. This was new to me too. But I knew the kids would be fine. And I knew I needed some time away and I knew I would have a fabulous weekend.

Much like college life, our little weekend retreat was so far from reality. No demands, pressures or stress from the outside world. No bills to be paid, deadlines to meet, chores or errands. Just a handful of close friends, some wine, food and a lot of shared laughter. We woke up on Sunday morning to dismal weather. Freezing rain knocked upon the window panes. We were sheltered from the storm with mugs of coffee to keep us warm. Like all good things, this too needed to come to an end. And the rain turned to snow. Snow! A New England Autumn Snow Storm! Isn't that crazy?

This big, white October snow, meant I needed to start my journey home a good while before dusk. I bid my girlfriends all fond farewells. We all promised never to let so much time pass us by again. I climbed into my big white truck and hit the road. But first a stop to Starbucks for a much needed cup of coffee to keep me awake. I picked up my Pumpkin Spice Latte (grande, 1%, no whip) and Michael Buble! I'd surely need some company on such a yucky day!

I climbed back into my truck, put on my CD and Michael sang the day away! (The CD is amazing. Phenomenal!)

The weather was gloomy and getting worse. The small white flakes were growing larger in size and falling with more gusto. I felt safe in my truck. Warm with my coffee and comforted by the music. At first I minded not that the traffic crawled a 15 mph for a great deal of the way. I was at peace, completely relaxed, content and happy. There were no children in my car bickering, whining and fighting. Outside the scenery was breathtaking. Bright, fiery oranges and reds and ochres formed a magnificent backdrop for the swiftly falling white snow.

What should have been a 2 hour drive ended up being double that. But every minute of it was worth the trip!

And my greeting on the other end was nothing less than divine. The first to come to me was Rebecca upon hearing the garage door open. She hugged me and wouldn't let go. I was told I could never go away ever again. And then Christopher and Alexander both greeted me with the same gusto and fervor. In the family room they made me a wonderful, multi-colored paper chain which hung from one side of the room to the other. And a large banner that said Welcome Home!!! I hadn't expected this at all. They survived. Daddy survived and the house survived. This homecoming sure makes me want to go away and come back again!