the worst night of my life... ever... SERIOUSLY!

Many of you know I had not been looking forward to taking Rebecca and Grace to The American Idols concert. At all. Not in the least. Not even the teensy eensiest bit. I was not quiet about it. At all. In the least. I even tried to talk my daughter out of going. Seriously! I tried to pawn my ticket off on one of her friends. They already had tickets... or had plans... or couldn't go. So, it was time, yet again to reach deep into my underwear drawer and put my Big Girl Panties on. I was seriously acting like a baby. But I didn't give a hoot. Or a shit, frankly. I was exhausted trying to nurse sick boys back to health for 5 days and nights as well as deal with all the back to school stuff as well as a first homework assignment which proved I, clearly, am not smarter than a 5th grader. Oh me oh my...

I was bone tired on Thursday. Like first trimester pregnancy tired where you can hardly stand up or see straight.

But, in the end, I rallied. And joined the troops with very minimal complaining.

Below, Rebecca and one of her bff, Grace. Rebecca found her pink sweater at Tarjay and has been looking forward to wearing it to this Grand Event. Cute, isn't it? (T shirt, Justice; Jeans and Shoes Gap Kids)

Our ticket... we had good seats... maybe I would have enjoyed it better had we not been so damed close to the stage, lights (blinding) and music (so loud you could feel the thumping and pulsing in your veins and heart) I would have enjoyed the show...

We paid WHAT for these damned seats that were still not the greatest seats???? Sheesh, I wanna refund NOW and for the shirt we bought Rebecca AND for the additional $85 I had to pay my sitter.... Oh my head... my aching head!

Ritas! I had never seen one before. Never heard of them until Tamara mentioned them. The girls and I had lemon ices... YUM! Best part of the concert for sure!

Grace and Becca enjoying their ices too...

Bright Lights Small City... blinding as well as deafening...

Here's Meagan... we quite enjoyed her during the auditions and the show. She was unique. Not sure what they have done to her here giving her a hairstyle to compete with Sanjaya's and an outfit so Hookerish she looks like she's just come from the red light district... ugh, ugh, and ugh...

My man Anoop-Dog! My business school prepster. I rooted for him all the way! Loved him. The concert folk made him too rock and rolley... totally took away from his personality. I didn't love it, Dawg...

My cell phone in hand... for Facebook updates, texts to friends and for checking the clock like every 30 seconds to see how much time was left!

Below, blinded by the light... my man Danny did not disappoint...

As Adam takes the stage the crowd goes wild... (ick!)

Below Adam... the freakish part of the show... at this point the music and noise and lights had taken on an all new meaning... The guy is a freak show, seriously! He's like a cross between Elvis and Liberace in looks, and all he does is scream... I just don't get the lure of Adam... at all!

He did sing one ballad... I really wonder what Paula, Simon and Randy would have thought about this concert... because it just ... well... it SUCKED!

Facebook update from the concert, below!
Daddy My lovely wife is officially over the hill. Complaining that the american idol concert is too loud. Adam has yet to begin his reign of terror on her ear drums.

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It is mostly the screaming teenagers next to me. I need my wine, bath, bifocals and now hearing aid!!!
Thu at 8:35pm · Delete

There is no way she is over the hill!!! It takes a very brave person to endure an American Idol concert!!!
Thu at 8:45pm

I think that concert would be painful with the screaming. You need to take R to a GreenDay concert!
Thu at 10:26pm

@Susan the look on her face was as if there was a very bad smell. And yes, I bathed.@Amy would be much more my speed but I think Jonas or Demi Lovato is closer in my future. If we"re going to have any tween angst I would prefer the sugar coated type anyway.
Thu at 11:28pm

LMAO!!! there was a bad smell... lots.. BO, fried food, grease, menthol cough drops... gack!
Thu at 11:40pm · Delete

Teens have BO? LOL
Yesterday at 11:56am

Sunshine, teens have TERRIBLE BO!
2 seconds ago · Deletebook update from the concert:

My First bitter Facebook Status on Thursday! (LOL!!!)
Jessica is hoping that the entire American Idol cast will fall ill and show is cancelled... too exhausted after nursing sick kids through day and night for 5 days and nights... listening to Alexander's screams as I left him this morning was almost the straw that broke this camel's back... breaks my heart to have to leave him again tonight, just hours after he gets home. Shows for kids should be on weekends only.
and the comments that followed:

Can't Don go in your place?
Thu at 2:04pm · Delete

Oh poor's been a rough week (to say the least). Can someone else go in your place?
Thu at 2:05pm · Delete

Don is going... I would never go alone! LOL We are bringing one of R's friends.
Thu at 2:09pm · Delete

Well see if one of the parents of R's friend can go in your place.
Thu at 2:17pm · Delete

There ya go, maybe the other girl's dad?? The dads would just looooove a night of AI with their girls, right? ;)
Thu at 2:26pm · Delete

nope... the dad is out of town on business and mom has a meeting 2night.
Thu at 2:32pm · Delete

Sell the ticket on craigslist. Is it sold out?
Thu at 2:35pm · Delete

Last time I took 3 girls and we had a blast. This year someone said they wanted to go ; )
Thu at 3:14pm · Delete

Uh oh....grab a beer at the show, and make the most of it! ;) Then, sleep all day tomorrow, until you venture out to get your first PSL of the year...that will be your saving grace, I'm sure! ;)
Thu at 6:03pm · Delete

can't sleep. must have the kids up at 7 am latest. i have an 8:30 meeting at school that should last most of the morning. Alexander screamed bloody murder when I left him at school this morning and when I left him with the sitter this evening... he has NEVER done that before... it has been a long week... no rest for the weary. would love to but kids don't let you do that!!!! YES, PSL is coming my way in the am!!!
Yesterday at 12:00am · Delete
and then more whining from me!
Jessica is american idol bound and hoping that adam has laryngitis!
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lol! who is your daughter's favorite?
Thu at 5:19pm · Delete

You know you love him!
Thu at 5:23pm · Delete

oh god Karen... I have NEVER liked him. I do like Adam... wish I was more in the mood.
Thu at 5:27pm · Delete

They say that Adam steals the show. Can't wait to hear your review.
Thu at 5:37pm · Delete

Thu at 5:42pm · Delete

If I was closer I'd take your place Jess! I would LOVE to hear Adam!!
Thu at 6:03pm · Delete

Thu at 6:12pm · Delete

Have a beer or two! Suck it up my friend.
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and another Facebook whine!!!
Jessica is back from the loudest, longest most terrible evening of my life... this tour was so not like the others... it was full of loud rock and roll wannabes that didn't pass the grade... My man Anoop-Dog disappointed... Chris was sick and didn't sing... Danny rocked... Adam was like a screaming Liberace-Elviswannabe-Kiss impersonator... seriously... the concert SUCKED! I hope to get my hearing back within the week!

sounds fabulous Jess. What did Rebecca think of it?
Thu at 11:38pm · Delete

Did you take your flask?
Thu at 11:42pm · Delete

Sarah... Rebecca liked it, but even she thought it was loud. Angela... Wish I had... I had a Rita's italian ice... would have been perfecto with a shot of vodka. Must buy a few of those airplane sized Absolut bottles!
Thu at 11:51pm · Delete

Oh yeah, i just read your 9-9-9 e-mail. Does somebody have too much time on their hands now that she has all 3 children in school?!!! lol
Yesterday at 12:12am · Delete

Peggy... I did that when C was home... I had sick children on my hands 5 days in a row... hopefully this will be my first day of freedom since June! (It was not!)
Yesterday at 6:09am · Delete

You should have been with me at the Cheetah Girls concert a few years back--I still have nightmares about that one!
Yesterday at 7:30am · Delete

Ugh! So sorry you had to endure....sleep, sleep, sleep today....
Yesterday at 9:07am · Delete

no sleep... I had a meeting at school... yes, all three were there today! Wahoooooo!!!! I have 45 minutes of freedom... not leaving my couch til then tho! Did have a PSL!!
Yesterday at 11:14am · Delete
And then the best comment by far (in response to all my whining) was this post to my wall!!!

Hi Jess, The Wiggles are coming to town in November- maybe that would be a little more your speed these days. Let me know if you want to come ... :)