Are you a pessimist or an optomist? How do you look at things? At life? Are you happy go lucky? Or easily daunted? We all see things differently. For example, in the picture below, is my glass half empty or half full?

Is the picture below a mountain or a mole hill?

(Three overflowing laundry baskets of clean laundry that used to be folded until little hands started pulling and tugging and grabbing at things they wanted. So much of the contents needs to be refolded.)

We've been busily running around trying to get a handle on all those last minute things before school starts. Yesterday we had dentist appointments. The older two had sealants put on their teeth. Our appoitment was at 10:00. I have no idea how on earth we are going to make it out of the house at 8:00 am each morning when we could barely pull off a 10:00 appointment. We stopped home to make lunch and a mess that we had no time to clean up and then headed off to school to the Open House so the kids could see their classrooms. Alexander felt right at home in his and I was able to leave him for a good while in there with the other children, mothers, and his teacher.

From there I went up to the 3rd grade classroom and met with Christopher's homeroom teacher, whom I know well since she also taught Rebecca the year before last. We discussed my concerns regarding Christopher; his ADD and his incredible struggle with handwriting. We talked about ways to work around the writing. The 3rd grade teachers are more concerned with what he has to say, as opposed as to how he chooses to say it. There are AlphaSmarts available -- keyboards -- so that he may chose to communicate that way instead. While handwriting is important to me, I was urged not to worry about his. I love his teachers. He will have a great year.

From there I went over to the Upper School to see Rebecca's classroom and homeroom teacher, whom we know well. She's got her work cut out fo her this year! Rebecca has a great classroom and great kids in her class. All three are now very excited for school to start. (I doubt they are half as excited as I am though!)

I let the boys play on the play ground with their friends for a while and Rebecca was whisked off to a friend's house. I then had to bring the boys home. Yesterday marked the begining of soccer season. Christopher had practice from 3:45 until 5:15. I let Alexander play on the playground near the soccer fields for a while then headed to Trader Joe's to pick up some cilantro for dinner. (Only I accidentally picked up parsley but didn't realize it until I got home!) Then to pick Rebecca up from her play date and home to make dinner; grilled London Broil with Green Godess Sauce, garlic potatoes ala Agnese and broccoli. I am 6 days away from adding complicated homework to this mix!

I know I have been begging for them to go back to school since the day they got out, but with their busy schedules and rising academic requirements, this year does not promise to be a relaxing or easy one... not so sure why I ever thought it would be!

Christopher will be on the town's travel soccer league as well for the school team. Rebecca wants to play soccer and field hockey at school, take dance lessons and continue with Girl Scouts.

I will find a soccer program for Alexander in hopes that we can find something for one of his short afternoons.

I'm afraid I will be spending more time in the car this upcoming year than I did in the summer!

Will my life be pleasantly full or crazy busy?