What have you hidden in your closet?

(I don't really have him in my closet... though I wouldn't mind!
Picture borrowed from A Restless Transplant)

We (my mother!) recently cleaned out my bedroom closet since the boys now share that room. I had years and years of crap, er stuff, jammed in there. Mother did the best she could to keep what she thought I would want and not miss. Many items she had to toss as they had grown mildew (ew!) over the years. (A very common occurance in older Newport homes.) Since my parents moved to this house from Manhattan when I was already in college anything from my youngers years had already been tossed, donated or packaged up and preserved for my children. To this day I am still devastated over the loss of my entire Judy Blume collection as well as my dog-eared, very much loved copy of The Official Preppy Handbook. I mean, how could she?!! That book was my bible. I lived, ated and breathed it. (Of course I had no idea at the time that it was a total mockery, meant to be taken with a sense of humor and not literally. But that's Okay, to this day I am fabulous at poking fun of myself!)

After the big move she left my closet alone, save for those times she sent the housekeeper up to vacuum out the cobwebs and occasional potato bug!

But still, she had a big job on her hands... she recovered and moved many items that I had such fun sifting through.

Does anyone remember the big Bennetton fads of the 80s?! I found a half dozen Bennetton scarves in all different colors. I'll be bringing them back with me this winter! There were also a few Bennetton sweaters in various pastel colors. Too bad they now have moth holes, those sweaters were classic and preppy... perhaps I'll bring them to the tailor and see if they can somehow be repaired.

I came across Pappagallo headbands and shoes in terrible condition. Does anyone remember Pappagallo? How I loved my Pappagallo shoes... the white piping... like Belgian loafers but less expensive. According to the The New York Times Styles it was a sad day when Pappagallo died.
(Click on the above link for a great fashion/preppy attire article circa 2000)

I also came across these! (Nothing but LLBean my dear friends... and with all and utmost respect to the Fabulous Ms. Burch, there is nothing so classic as the Original gum shoe!)

I also came across these

and these... (albeit neither pair was in good condition)

that were worn daily with my uniform, this

which I wore with this even though I wasn't supposed to... because we were only allowed to wear solid color shetlands, navy, green, yellow, white... and when caught wearing these we would be forced to remove them and toss them in our lockers. (I was quite the rebel in my day.)

I loved this sweater and wore it well into my college years. Isn't it so sad that LLBean no longer makes them? I mean, this was the ultimate preppy sweater of the 80s! But I have news for you! I did a little research and learned that this sweater will be available again in 2010... well, that's practically around the corner!

I don't even think Fair Isle Sweaters were permissible as they were not "of solid color" but I am pretty sure I tried to wear those too!

I also came across letters... oodles and oodles of them, from friends and boyfriends. (Old boyfriends, Daddy! I have none other than you ... for the moment! LOL) What fun it was to read all those and read my old adress books too!

Most fun were all the pictures I came across... from my days at the Lycee Francais de New York, The Hewitt School, Camp Chateaugay and my brief two year stint at St. Mary's School in Wantage, Oxfordshire, UK (which inspired my This Shandy is Dandy Post over at The Entertaining Kitchen)...

What a fun time capsule my closet had become!