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September Morn...

As I think about September I cannot help but sing the lyrics to Neil's famous song... September morn We danced until the night became a brand new day Two lovers playing scenes from some romantic play September morning still can make me feel this way.... As September approaches and we get the children ready to go back to school... as we refill their backpacks, buy them new school shoes, play shoes and sneakers...refurbish their uniforms with new sweaters, shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, skirts and jumpers, rain coats, fall jackets, socks and underwear setting our bank accounts back a good chunk... As September approaches and my youngest eagerly awaits turning the big Oh-Four (stealing your term Jenn!) and telling me what toys he wants and what kind of cake he wants and which cupcakes to bring his class... As September approaches we eagerly anticipate the big yellow school buses and cooler weather... As September approaches we think about all that there is still left to do this summer. We've not had much of a summer in New England. It rained most of June and July and August, thus far, has been so sauna-like that the children have spent the bulk of their days out of the heat and humidity, only to venture out late afternoon, if at all. I feel cheated this summer. It seems as though last summer we went all over the place and spent the bulk of our days outside. But there are three weeks left and perhaps we can salvage these remaining days. And even though I haven't had much of a summer I admit to my yearning for September.

It's not that I will be the first mother at school, 8:30 am on Wednesday September 9th, knocking ever so furiously on the large green front doors, threatening to huff and puff and blow the joint down if they don't take my children off my hands, immediately... It's not that I will break in to song and dance the minute I walk out of the school building solo, all by myself, without children... without someone whining and tugging and pulling and wishing and wanting... It's not that theveryminute I pull my car into the garage I will call up all my girlfriends and have them over for a party... Celebrate good times... Come on!! There's a party goin' on right hereA celebration to last throughout the years So bring your good times, and your laughter too We gonna celebrate your party with you!! It's not that I will crawl over to the local watering hole and tell the bartender to "pour me anotha' brotha!" but I am looking forward to having some time... some time to get things done without interruption. Some time to get back to working on the house... hanging more pictures on walls (dozens upon dozens remain in their moving boxes in the basement) or painting and getting odds and ends done... catching up all those things that need getting caught up on... fun things like getting the car serviced, making doctors appointments, hair appointments, and taking care of all the stuff that needs getting taken care of... and it will be so much easier to do alone... I'm looking forward to learning a few new things myself... maybe I will finally learn how to sew and even needlepoint... maybe I'll find a part-time job. I've always thought it would be fun to work at Williams-Sonoma (I did when I was fresh out of college) as it is one of my most favorite stores in the world... After 10+ years of parenting and with about 24 hours a week of freedom, I look forward to focusing on being Jessica again, as opposed to Mom. I'm excited about that!

But I know that along with the downtime will come the craziness... the craziness of getting the kids up-dressed-fed-brushed and out the door in the morning, and the craziness of picking them up from school at 3:30 then schlepping them off to soccer-Brownies-swimming-chorus-and whatever other activities to come our way followed but the craziness of getting the kids fed-homeworked-cleaned-up and off to bed...

And I know that after a month of September I'll be wishing for my lazy summer days again!

What are you looking forward to when summer is over?

and ... we're off!

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