Our Almost Last Hurrahs!

Last weekend I packed up the SUV with the family and we boarded the ferry from Bridgeport, CT to Port Jefferson Long Island and spent a lovely day with friends. My friend Nancy, a couple of years older than I, hadn't seen each other in many, many years. Through Facebook (have I mentioned that I love FB?) we got in touch and then learned we were literally separated by a few miles of water! The journeys over and back via ferry were fun unto themselves. Then to be greeted by two gracious hosts and pitchers of mojitos, meant the day would be a fine one! Our Gracious Hosts did a major kitchen reno in their 150 year old North Shore Cape. The results are nothing less than mouthwatering. I did not have the right lens to due this magnificent room the justice it deserves. I love the way she has displayed her antique pictures all over her back hall. I've been inspired to go down to my basement and bring up all my cherished works as well. A project that will start when the kids are back in school. This post is more of a visual post... enjoy!

Their kitchen is pure eye candy! To eat their divine food in such a visually wonderful room was a delight to all the senses!

Pulling up to our ferry...

Aboard the Grand Republic

In case you haven't enough to muster?!

It was super duper windy on the Bow... Alexander loved it!

Merry in Madras? This was so not planned!

Can you think of a better greeting? Really?!


Just a few items from our wonderful meal...

I had never met an avocado I liked... until I met these! Loaded with lemon, garlic and olive oil these scrumptious treats were To. DIE. For!!!!!
As were the crab cakes I forgot to photograph!

and dessert because there was not enough food to go around the first time! (Sarcasm should be noted)

a special dessert for the Short Stacks!

Short Stacks at play, Baby Girl M is missing from the picture...

As the boys played with their light sabres in the antique filled house I could not rest easily... I wanted to throw up actually... but our Gracious Hosts are used to such antics!

And then, as always, all good things come to an end much too quickly... and we leave beautiful Port Jefferson, Long Island...

to face darkening skies on the other sound of the Long Island Sound...

I loved this sign.... want to turn it in to a shirt for Daddy or blow it up and put it on his home office door!!!!

Approaching the storm ahead....

Eventually it became too dark to photograph... the winds picked up, the rains came down and things start flying all around the deck... I think I saw a broomstick, a bike and a dog named Toto too... but we ran downs below before I could know for sure!
We had a lovely time with our friends and the following day we endured our long and painful drive to Newport to visit with our newest blogging bffs PreppySue and Tickled Pink Talk... post to follow soon!