Lilly Juice Jubilee Party!

Our last name should be Hamm. We are such hams!

My kids love to play "Mommy & Daddy" and it's something they will all play together.

The last time they played they all got dressed up (Becca in a dress, boys in jackets and ties!) and they were pretending to go out to dinner. So today I asked them if they wanted to play "Out To Lunch." The suggestion was well received and they eagerly set everything up. I then suggestd they to get dressed up and they were all happy to do so. Rebecca wanted to know why I was so eager for this to happen. I explained about the Jubilee Juice and that we might win a free dress if we put her picture on the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook Page . She obliged with one stipulation. She would get the dress should we win! Then she wanted to find all her old Lilly dresses. So we went to the basement and rummaged through boxes and boxes and located a few. Some are still down there and some, stupidly, we gave away to an ungrateful snotty, snobby Social Climber. Grrrr.... Anyhow, we found what we were looking for. And the kids were ready to party. They were pretty happy when I let them have juice upstairs as food is not allowed to leave the kitchen area! Christopher dropped out of the game as soon as he saw my camera come out!
Aren't they adorable!

Alexander was taking care of his girls!

This doll (above) is Daisy. Rebecca got her when she was 4. Daisy was the same size and even came to school in uniform one day! The dress (a size 7) was a little large, but we made it work. This was one of my all-time favorites. (I have a thing for strawberries and there are many in Rebecca's room.)

We sure, er I mean the kids sure had fun! I totally think Rebecca deserves to win a new Lilly dress. Don't you?!