Like Deja Vu All Over Again...

It's tax-free week in Connecticut. This means that any clothing purchase (under $300) made this week will be exempt from taxes. When you are back to school shopping for three kids who need uniforms, gym clothes and weekend clothes this can result in a decent savings. Even better when you hit the outlets and can get some good deals!

The first store Rebecca went ga-ga over was Justice, (aka Smells Like Pre-Teen Spirit and Angst.) I am not a gung-ho Justice fan, but I have to let Rebecca indulge a bit, so in we went. And seriously, it was like walking into a store where time stood still. All that was horrible and terrible about 80s fashion was there, staring me down. Good lord, these things were awful back then (though I had to have them) and they are just as awful now. Why on earth would designers even return to the decade marked by bad plaid, buffalo checks, stirrup pants, paisley and shoulder pads? Why? Why? Why?

I think I had one or more of the following items below...

OMG does anyone remember all the hideous leggings and stirrup pants people wore? I know, (well I am pretty sure I did!) I had some of these... of course they were all from Esprit de Corps which made them totally cute and totally cool!

I had a bunch of these studded bracelets... in black... in pleather! (I wore them with my Madonna black rubber bangles... Gag me with a Spoon!)

Forgive me Tickled Pink & Green as I know you are completely gaga over plaid, but there is plaid and there is bad plaid... Are these worn with the above ruffled plaid mini skirt? Or the plaid leggings I saw on the racks?

OMG that was MY scarf!

and I wore this shirt (nice to see the shoulder pants have been removed) with afore-mentioned hideous stirrup pants!

and the below shirt too!

I had so much of this buffalo check stuff...

I so know WHO is going to get this jacket for 5 of her 8 off springs!

and if your little girl is going to have a name written across her little toosh (or in this case down her leg) I think Justice is a bit more appropriate than Juicy... no?! Doesn't it send more of a I'm gonna kick your butt attitude rather than Squeeze my Butt? Seriously, which message would you rather spread? One that tells the world that your daughter is confident, strong and not to messed with, or one that suggests that she wants to be messed with?
We'll not even start with the whole Juicy bit because there was a Juicy Couture outlet store and it was right next to the Aeropostale outlet store, which luckily were closing at 6pm on Sunday!
Thank goodness we caught the Crew Cuts outlet before it closed! Because there was some a-door-able stuff in there and there we were back in the 21st Century!

What's your favorite 80s Fashion Faux Pas?!