I've got the Juice!!! (Another Lilly Libation)

Tamara!!! I found the Juice! I found the Jubilee Juice! So of course I picked some up and brought it home. This afternoon I decided to make some Cocktails and Kidtails

Of course I used my Jubilee Juice!

It's a shame my drink didn't photograph as well as I would have liked... It's a stunningly pink (Pinkalicious?!!) drink. It tastes fabulous as well. Oh well, I'll just have to create another tomorrow especially since my newest bf Preppy Apron pointed out to me on Facebook that it definitely needed a slice of lime!

I also made Kidtails sans alcohol. Aren't they adorable? (Yes, they need limes in theirs too!)

And below, a picture of dorky me with my drink... with the help of my friend Sue, I have decided to call this creative cocktail "Lilly's Ruby Slipper!" Isn't it perfect!

This drink is so easy to make and so delicious...

You'll need equal parts Ruby Red Grapefruit, Fresca (it's grapefruit flavored and not too sweet) and any kind of sparkling water. Mix well. Add a shot of Absolut Ruby Red and lastly a dash of Grenadine. (And a slice of lime to garnish!) The Grenadine will go right to the bottom and your drink will look like a lovely Florida sunset!

For the children's Kidtail simply omit the vodka.

Cheers and Chin! Chin!