Favorite Summer Memories... Recap

First of all I want to go on the record saying that chosing just one answer is unfair... there are so many great things about summer. And I am a totally indecisive chic... and I am really ready for fall!

So Jennifer... a few days late, but here I go!

Favorite Summer Movie: I can't think of one... you mentioned Grease and since I was watching it last night as the world around me was sound asleep (oh the exciting life I live!) it's what I will choose...

Favorite Summer Cocktail: So many cocktails, such little time to enjoy them... you are seriously making me choose just one? I can't and I won't! Ha Ha!

I adore mojitos... the regular version as well as The Champagne Mojito... To. Die. For!
The drink I created called The Poolside... (I believe it was Mama Bickie who named it!) The drink I created called The Preppy Cocktail and of course, The Pimm's Cup! (Recipes can all be found over at The Entertaining Kitchen.)

Favorite Summer Song: I have a thing for 80s music if you hadn't noticed... I still get all revved up when I hear Don Henley's The Boys of Summer, Steve Winwood's Back in the Highlife and of course summer is not summer without Jimmy Buffet!

Favorite Summer Meal: Anything off the grill, salad made with fresh lettuces, tomatoes and a fresh Baguette would be my perfect meal... complete with a refreshing cocktail, of course! Unless I'm in Maine... the it's Lobstah all the way!

Favorite Summer Outfit: Today... my ideal outfit changes with the wind! White linen pants, navy flowy silk top and either white JR sandals or silver Revas... both shoes make me hap-hap-happy!

Favorite Summer Reading: I love Elin Hilderbrand in the summertime. She is a Nantucket native and her novels all take place on the island. This summer my two favorite reads have been Julie & Julia and My Life in France, Julia Child.

Favorite Summer Moment: We have 3 weeks of summer yet... so I am hoping there is still some room for more, but so far it's a tie between July 4th on the beach in Southport with my good friend Lori who got her kids drunk (by accident... another great post!) and even though we were too far to see the fire works it was the epitome of a perfect night on the beach... the other would be the fireworks with our old and dear friends at their home in Stamford as the Rock Rimmon Country Club fireworks lit up the sky overhead... this is an event our entire family looks forward to every summer!

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