You, Me and Anita Shreve! (GIVE AWAY!!!)

I had to borrow my mother in law's copy yesterday so that I could familiarize myself with the story before going to hear Ms. Shreve talk about her latest book, set in in a prestigious New England boarding school, is about how life is greatly altered when a few teenagers do something so stupid without stopping to think about their actions and how this one stupid act affects all those around them. It is gripping and the characters are raw and pure and real. Ms. Shreve basically had me at hello! I picked up my copy last night (which she signed for me!) and am already 100 pages into it. The story is that engaging. (And I have no internet to distract me!)

Ms. Shreve is a wonderful story teller and after her reading she talked about her many books and influences. She talked about her writing style and habits and how she became a writer. I had a wonderful evening and was glad I had the opportunity to hear her talk. She is exactly as I had imagined... a Dianne Sawyer-like woman of the literary set. Perhaps I will pull out my pen and paper and resume my own writing... I am once again inspired!

I could have picked up many books. I have read most, but not all of her novels. Instead, I picked up another copy of Testimony, had it signed, and am giving it away to one lucky blogger!

So if you are interested in my give-away, leave a comment, blog about it and follow me!

I will announce the winner on Sunday, July 26th when I am back home with ample internet access!

And for those of you who wondered how I fared with the kids yesterday. Everyone was happy. Rebecca ended up spending the afternoon with her cousin Brielle and I brought the boys to the beach to be with their (boys) cousins... Wrapped in my cashmere hoodie and shorts, I read comfortably on the beach with the cool breezes coming off the ocean. I finished my book (The Beach House by Jane Green) just in time to start Testimony! After all my whining we all ended up happy!

For more on Testimony and Anita Shreve, ckick here to visit her website.