Sittin' on the dock of the bay...

Mother Nature has not blessed us with endless days of glorious sunshine and warm ocean breezes. Instead we've been blessed, for the most part, with cool, cloudy, damp Maine days. But we cannot wallow away our vacation. We cannot cry over spilt milk or spilt sunscreen. We cannot let a lack of sunshine rain on our parade!

Late yesterday morning we got up and decided to go for a walk on the pier and the docks a town away. We were granted permission from the harbor master to fish on the docks below, so we returned home to grab our fishing gear. It had been drizzling all morning but, of course, the moment we set foot on the docks the skies opened up pouring bucketful after bucketful of water down on us. We enjoyed the wet fun as long as we could, til we could take no more! We caught no fish but we had a great time! We returned home, soaked to the gills, changed into sweats and sipped mugs of hot chocolate.

After we warmed up we headed to The Soda Fountain for some ice cream. I can think of no better way to end a cold rainy Maine day than to go out and get a delicious ice cream cone!

Today we went fishing on Uncle David's boat. We tried in vain to catch a striper or a bluefish. We didn't have much luck today either. As we headed back to the marina Christopher asked his father a question. "Why do they call it fishing if you never catch anything?"

"Well," Daddy answered. "If you always caught the fish you would be catching instead of fishing!
Below, a refresher course for everyone!

Picture of Rebecca and the mackerel, or bait!
and Daddy getting the bait on the hook!

Rebecca and I are heading back to the car... we cannot get any wetter or colder, but the boys want to stay and fish a little longer.

Alexander, mastering the art of fishing