Road Trip 2009

We're off to the land of lobsters and moose, of sweet pines and salty ocean breezes... I'll have the kids in my car, the jogger, the snacks, waters, music and DVDs. Daddy will have all the other luggage and the toys and the beach items and cooler and all the stuff that his sedan can fit by my monster truck cannot. The minivan held more. No doubt about it. But we're OK. Rebecca will be in the third road next to the jogger. The two boys will be in the second row, separated by a pile of comforters and pillows. I want no child to be able to touch another child. And, if I could temporarily, I'd duct-tape their mouths so I wouldn't have to hear the incessant whining and tears and pleas of I want this and no not that. Driving in cars with independent-minded little people is no small task. It's dangerous. I'm hoping that by keeping Rebecca in seclusion in the third row in pre-teeny bopperdom that I'll have some sense of calm. Some. I can't put all three in the same row for more than 5 minutes at a time. I cannot. I will not.

Our trip to Providence, on Monday, was actually quite delightful. It would be terrible to say that it was because Rebecca was not in the picture... but it would also be the truth! Alexander is always content in the car. Sometimes he'll watch a movie and sometimes he's happy to just watch the world go by outside his window.

Christopher likes to play his DS and watch movies as well. But he never learns and he gets carsick. Terribly carsick. So when we went to Providence on Monday I told Christopher to look for license plates. I thought it would entertain him for 5 minutes, not the entire trip. He was fascinated and having such a good time. On the way there and back he found (with a little help from his Momma) plates from 23 states! I loathe to drive on I-95 but it's a great way to find all sorts of fascinating license plates. We located plates from: New York, California, Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Florida, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Vermont, Indiana, Delaware, Iowa, Maine, Hawaii (!!!), Virginia, New Hampshire.

Alexander had fun finding shapes in the clouds, Snoopy upside-down on an airplane, sharks, dolphins, turtles, birds, and the like. I'm sure we'll play the same games again. I have no idea what we have in store... I guess it's wait and see... and I am sure you'll hear all about it!

Meantime, you can read all about one of last summer's escapades if you wish by clicking on Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear... should give you a good laugh and make you yearn for the good days gone by (sans enfants)!