Happy Birthday America!

We've been busily celebrating our Independence with good friends, good food and great fireworks... more will be posted about that later... But I had to share these adorable little hamburger cookies! Just too cute not to share. Excuse the photo quality. I am going to make these tonight to bring to another 4th party this evening.

How to make Hamburger Cookies

You will need:

Sesame seeds
Nilla wafers
Keebler Grasshopper cookies, Girl Scout Thin Mints or the Keebler chocolate covered peanut-filled cookie, Girl Scout Tagalongs (my kids liked the PB variety better)
Canned frosting
Food coloring, red, yellow, green
Shredded coconut

In a small baggie place shredded coconut with green food coloring and shake until you get the color you desire to resemble shredded lettuce.

In a small bowl, mixing frosting and food coloring together until you reach the color of "special sauce" or cheese -- start out with small amounts of red and yellow to achieve a pastel orange color.

Take one Nilla wafer, apply a small amount of frosting to use as a glue, place the mint cookie on the Nilla wafer, then add small amount of frosting once again to be used as glue, top that with the lettuce, then a generous amount of "special sauce/cheese frosting" before adding thebun (Nilla Wafer) on top of that.
To get the sesame seeds to stick on to the bun, use an egg wash. Apply *egg wash on to the Nilla wafer then add sesame seeds and voila!

To make an egg wash use egg white, egg yolk or whole egg and 1 tbs. of water or milk. Mix well and brush on to surface.

I am going to buy some little American Flags and stick them in the middle of my burgers!