Fun for (Practically) Free!

I felt so much better once I got my Big Girl Panties on yesterday. I had a mission. We were going to be out of the house by 10:00 to go pick strawberries at a farm not terribly far away. Only we didn't leave until close to 12:00 because at 10:00 the kids decided that they wanted breakfast so had a lovely leisurely breakfast out on the deck beneath the warm sun. Then the kids started to play outside and one thing led to another. And if the kids are playing and having fun and getting along I, for one, am not going to stop it.

Shortly after we left the house I checked the Trip Information screen on the car's navigation system and saw that we had enough to get us 22 miles. The farm was 20 miles away. We'd be cutting it close but surely there would be a Mobil station along the way. (So I could use my gas card and not have to part with cash... I mean God forbid I actually stop for gas and money along the way.) But the GPS took us an unfamiliar route with no Mobil station. With enough gas for two miles I seriously hoped we were high enough in the hills to be able to coast our way down! I also vaguely knew of another way home that would bring us by a Mobil station. Otherwise I would have to hope that Lexus Roadside Assistance would help... but I would worry about that later.

There was a lovely breeze as we arrived on Pumpkin Hill which made the sun seem less strong. The views were divine, breath-taking! We headed to the Ferry Berry so that we could be transported to the strawberry fields. Jones Family of Farms has fields for strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins and Christmas trees. We absolutely love it there!

I never knew that Strawberry picking was so strenuous, but when we were done the kids needed a rest. So I paid up, $11.50 for nearly 5 pounds of strawberries and $2.50 for a huge head of red leaf lettuce. Entertainment and a healthy snack (and dinner!) for less than $15. Can't beat that!
I took another way home and found a Mobil station. Filled up. ($50 worth -- do I include this or not in the daily total?) On our way home the kids decided they wanted to go to the Sprinkler Park at the lake. So, once home, the kids suited up and I made them some lunch to eat on the beach.

More fun was had at the lake. The only money I shelled out was $6 for 3 ice creams. (Town's beach and lake pass for $120 was paid for a couple of months ago.)

We got home and the kids were a sandy mess. I told them they had to hose off outside because I was sick of having the upstairs bathrooms resemble a beach. More fun was had as they decided to play Hose Tag!
What fun we had for just under $20!

We'll spend no money today. We'll go to the play ground for a little while and we'll cook up some recipes using our strawberries, and we'll do some crafts and I will tend to my terribly neglected house. I will do some laundry and, gasp, even some ironing! (Will try to refrain from sending clothes that need ironing to the dry cleaners this summer!)