Tips and a Tag (No, I did not say tipsy sillies!)

When I was a little girl, long before bows were sewn or glued on to barrettes and hairbands my mother always had me in pig tails or pony tails and I always had the prettiest ribbons in my hair. My dresses were meticulously ironed as were the bows in my hair. However, my mother never took a hot iron to my hair ribbons. She used some water and a mirror. I've started wearing ribbons in my hair again. (Because I desperately need a cut and highlights and it looks icky down!) I am really lazy and while my ribbons need ironing I can't very well send them out to the dry cleaners like I do with the other items I have that need ironing. (Yes, I seriously do that!) I run the ribbons under the bathroom faucet and run the ribbon between my thumb and forefinger to squeeze out excess water and press the ribbon on to my bedroom mirror. A couple of hours later my ribbon is dry (and often on the floor) and I have freshly pressed ribbons with no effort at all!

Keep a plunger under your kitchen sink if you do not have a Dispose-All. Yes, a toilet plunger, preferably a clean one! I hate, hate, hate not having a Dispose-All. We had one in the old house and used it all the time. But we are now on a septic system and word has it that you should not have a disposal if you have a septic system. Sometimes food goes down the drain unintentionally, especially the smaller bits, especially if you have kids. And sometimes the drain gets clogged.

This happened not too long ago when my husband was out of town. It was late at night and I was cleaning up after my book club and my sink was stopped up. Water wasn't going down where it should have. I texted my husband asking if he knew where Draino was. His reply was "get the plunger." Yes, my reaction was "Ew, gross!" But I didn't want to wait until the following afternoon to have someone come out and snake the sink for $150. So I went to the bathroom next to the kitchen and Lysol'd and scrubbed the heck out of the plunger and then went to apply the plunger to the drain. Up Down Up Down Up Down and voila! The water was draining!

So get yourselves a plunger for your kitchen sink and you too can save a pretty penny!

That's it for my tips today. Now for my Tag.

Sarah Elizabeth tagged me. I have to name 6 things that give me great pleasure and tag some more friends.

1. Good food and good wine... I love great food and great wine, especially with friends. Food is an experience that involves all the senses... taste, smell, touch, sight and sound... the sounds of silver wear or the clinking of crystal and the laughter of good friends... the art of a beautifully created meal, appetizer or dessert, the aroma and taste of it all...

2. The beach... I am most at peace on the beach. Whether the weather is lovely or not. The sights and sounds and smells change daily, sometimes hourly... the gulls soaring in the sky, the waves crashing along the shore... the smells of the salty air and the sunscreens and children at play... being among friends and chatting... or even sitting by myself enjoying a good book. I like the breath-taking beauty and solitude of the quiet morning sunrise and the late evening sunset... There is no place like the beach!

3. Writing... I love to write and did a lot before I had children. It was how I made my living. I love to express myself through the written word... it's a passion of mine. Perhaps this is why I also love to blog...

4. Photography... another creative outlet for me... My camera lets me see and show things ordinary in a less than ordinary manner... Photography is not only an art form but a way of freezing special moments in time. It is the ultimate story teller...

5. Cooking... Cooking is another passion of mine. Perhaps it is also because I love food. It is another creative outlet for me. And of course I love to take photographs, write about and eat great food!

6. My children... (when they are not irritating the heck out of me!) My children inspire me to be and do my best... I love to see things through their eyes... they are always showing and teaching me new things... I would be half of what I am today without them in my life...
and I feel I need to add a

7. My Husband... after all, without him (and all the grief he causes me! ILY) I would have no children!

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