There's an alligator in my car!!!

Isn't it cute?! I made it for Alexander's PreK-3 graduation party this morning. It was a huge hit. The Alligator as well as the graduation. I bawled my eyes out. My baby, the last of my three, has now completed his PreK-3 year. He's almost in college for crying out loud! And, that's not the only reason I am crying... all the good pictures of the Alligator were on a different camera. Somehow I erased all of the pictures, ALL of them as I was downloading. I am really hoping that someone took some good pictures... Really hoping. Off to a Second Grade pool party now and will post again later, perhaps with a recipe for a Watermelon Martini. How does that sound? Ooh, I could really go for one now... just that kind of melancholy though gorgeous day.
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