A Peek into The EntertainingKids' Rooms

I must preface this by saying I hate Polly Pockets. Hate hate hate them. I spent all day cleaning because tomorrow is my anniversary and I won't be lifting a finger then. My Dirty Dozen. My wedding was the best day ever. The picture in my header is all I have that remains... aside from photos a video and memories. But that's another story. On to Polly Pockets and My (lovely little) Slob!
Seriously, look at that? I hate whoever it was who created those teeny tiny dolls. And I can't promise that a little pink or blue Polly Pocket shoe did not get sucked up by my vacuum.

I wonder what is hiding in the pile of bears... do I dare take a peek?

Doll mess...

Getting ready for a sleepover. I notice she is not cleaning her room as she should be.

The laundry that she was supposed to put away was folded when I put it there!

Bedside table, I think!

Lovely, and where the hell are all her clothes?

I guess her knitting needed a nap!

And then, after I get my hands on everything... Oh look at this pretty room! Whooda thunk?

She did put her clothes away... I didn't dare look in those drawers!

All tidy...

I even folded doll blankets and made sure dollies were nestled all snug in their prams!

I'm not Martha but I make a mean bed. Her doll is wearing her too-small PJs!
(Bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids, Company Kids and Tommy Hilfiger)

And all the American Girls are tucked away. (I know it's a little girl's room but I hate clutter and crap all over the place and she has so many dolls that they become clutter and crap.) Yes, the entire trunk is filled with AG dolls!

And while we're at it and since I have cleaned all the children's rooms...
Now take a guess to see if you can figure out what Alexander wants to be when he grows up!

I fell in love with the bedding in the PBK catalog a couple of years ago and bought it in anticipation of Alexander's big bed. He was still in a crib at the time! PBK even sold the dalmation. Alexander can't sleep without it!

More PBK... mural and train table... Mess on train table courtesy various toy companies!

Spot's hiding in a corner! Spot is not real. He's a life-size Melissa & Dog doggie. Isn't he precious?

Various Fire Truck related paraphernalia. Artwork is courtesy my friend Liz Smith. You'll see her blog link on my blog roll. I "comissioned" her to paint those. I love them! (I am eventually going to hang them above Alexander's bed, but I still don't trust him not to try to pull them off.)

And a fire man must always be prepared...

More helmets on top of blankets. Don't touch his blankets. He needs them all. He's a real blanket kid... so are the other two, actually.

And my 8 year old's dream bedroom. This was a surprise gift for him at Christmas. All of it. The bedding came from PBK, the posters from Posters.com and the Lightsaber came from Target!

Love the movie posters that Daddy picked out.

I think I should be getting royalties from PBK actually. All my kids rooms have furnishings from there.

What an 8 year old reads at night... not what he should be reading, however!

The entire length of the room is all cork board. I love it. Here he displays artwork from over the years, and other items near and dear to him

I also love all the buit-ins of all sizes. These small ones are perfect for his DS games and his Webkins!
More built-ins over his desk.

And there you have it. Actually I'm glad that I took and posted these pictures because I'm not sure when I'll see them looking like this again!
Their new rooms are quite different. The entire house is actually. Click here to see pictures of their rooms and other rooms in the old house..." The Crazy Crowded House!" (Which was crazy and crowded but at 2.400 sq. ft. it wasn't that small!)