Here we Come!

Tomorrow morning we'll be headed home to my parents' (not pictured above!) in Newport, Rhode Island. The weather is supposed to be pretty miserable tomorrow so we will lay low at the house and the kids can hang out and play and re-explore all their toys. Minor changes have been made for them. My old bedroom became Rebecca and Christopher's bedroom has gotten another makeover. It will be the boys' room and Rebecca will move in to her own room next to what has become my bedroom. If the weather is not too lousy we'll head out and do something.

On Thursday the weather is supposed to be delightful and we are going to meet up with Tickled Pink Talk and her boys. So excited! I think we'll be beach-bound... I have both cameras on my desk so there will be pictures aplenty!

Then Friday, before we head back to Connecticut, we will head over to the Annual Flower Show at Rosecliff, one of the beautiful mansions along Bellevue Avenue. Rebecca has no desire to go (I'm dragging her!) but I know the boys will actually love it and I am giving Christopher, my little horticulturist, my little camera for his photography. I think I will assign her a painting assignment upon our return home.

It's a short visit this time around as we have obligations back home later on Friday. We won't be at all in July as the kids have camp and then we head up to Maine for two weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to visit Moo and Popsy again in August. When the kids were little we spent so much time there and they even went to camp there, but these days their busy lives keep them home.

Now for the packing which I hate!

2 Cameras, back-up batteries/recharger
Sunglasses for all
Sneakers, flip flops for kiddos
Hair accessories

Asthma meds
2 bathing suits
Bathing suit cover up
Lilly dress (for flower show)
1 polo shirt
1 pair of shorts
1 play dress
1 sweater

3 polo shirts
3 shorts
2 bathing suits
2 T-Shirts (for beach)

4 Polo shirts
4 shorts
2 bathing suits
2 T-Shirts for beach

I have no idea!!!

Kids will also be resonsible for their journals, Nintendo DS and summer reading...

Off to do some laundry locate my missing black bathing suit and start getting organized!