Go Ahead, Make my Day!

I had on this supercute (if I may say so myself!) little outfit the other day. I ended up getting the JCrew skirt I had blogged about on my Birthday wish list and decided to pair it with a sleeveless boat neck T-shirt worn under a little black cashmere cardigan. Instead of buttoning the cardi I used a cute pearl brooch instead. And of course I had on my brand new, and now ultimate favorite Tory Burch sandals. I had on my small pearl earrings and my hair was tossed up into a pony tail, as it is about 98% of the time. It was one of those Look Cute Feel Cute outfits. Well, it couldn't have been my imagination because when I got to school so many people complimented me on the skirt and the sweater with the broach... "Where did you get that?" Everyone asked referring to either the sweater (Ann Taylor about 10 years ago -- classics never retire!) or the T-shirt (Gap) or the brooch... "Was it an estate piece?" (Ann Taylor Loft) or the skirt (JCrew). And then some of my friends were commenting on how I am always so put together (about 96% of the time) and they want to come shopping with me... So, walking by as we were chit-chatting about my wardrobe, was a father of a little boy in Alexander's class. He looked over and me and smiled and said "Well, it certainly is not Michelle Obama who's been causing JCrew's stock to soar; it's you!" Needless to say, Zachariah's dad made my day and from that point in I had a little zing in my step...

A little while later on I was running to try to get a few things accomplished before picking Alexander up from preschool. I was literally running. And I looked down and I saw my knees... and they were jiggling? Were my knees really jiggling? Like an old lady? Like the old ladies that used to sit around the pool in my grandmother's pool complex in Hallandale, Florida? Like the old ladies who were all brown and wrinkly from the hot Florida sun? Like the ladies I always said looked like old prunes? Did I really see the knees of a 70 year old woman?

I stopped in my tracks. And the jiggling must have stopped too. I must have looked pretty silly standing in the middle of the sidewalk staring at my knees. I couldn't find any jiggle. But I know I saw it... I know I did! Am I getting old? Is this a rite of passage? How can I tone my knees? Do Michelle Obama's knees jiggle when she runs? Do any of you live in DC? Have you ever seen her run? I can't imagine they do... Politics aside here... she is one classy broad and so if her knees jiggle maybe all knees jiggle. Though I am pretty certain this is a new thing for me. Perhaps plastic surgery is in order. I'm not a plastic surgery kind of a person by nature, though you could remove a little extra skin from my midsection. I do not need a physical reminder that I bore three children. I have three very loud reminders here at home. That's plenty, thanks. I'd take a boob job... The "An Officer and a Gentleman"... Lift 'em up where they belong... More reminders of children sucking the life out of me. Plastic surgery on the face is one thing. Not being able to smile because your face is pulled so tight, or not being able to see because your eyes have been pulled so tight you can't see... But the knees, they make no sense at all. And plastic surgery on the knees scares me. I would hate to have so much skin removed that they would no longer be able to bend. That'd be dreadful, especially for a lazy person such as myself... How would I sit on my derriere and do nothing but eat Bon Bons all day?