Angela Moore... or less...

When we were in Newport the other day we stopped off at Angela Moore to see if we could find a dress for Rebecca. (We had about 20 minutes to kill before meeting Gabi (from Tickled Pink Talk) and her boys. We headed straight to the back, Rebecca about 20 paces ahead of us. The Sales Person asked if we needed any help. I explained that we were looking for a dress for Becca. The children's pickings were slim at best. There was nothing in her size. The Sales Person then directed us over to the adult dresses and said that Rebecca might fit in a 0 or 2 then showed us this lovely dress. And it was lovely, really lovely, but I am NOT spending $220 on a 10 year old! Perhaps I was being directed toward this particular dress because my boys (as adorable as they looked) were well, not on their best behaviour. Alexander knows better but he is still young, so he still needs a reminder here, there, and apparently, everywhere. Christopher surprised me actually. He kept spinning the standing mirror (think cartoon where the mirror spins around at 65 mph!) I told him, repeatedly not to do so. At this point I was getting evil looks. Alexander kept hiding in between the dresses and popping out exclaiming "boo!" While this was a little bit funny (would have been very funny at say, The Gap or Old Navy) but not here. I was cringing slightly. Rebecca was getting annoyed with her little brothers as well. I kept threatening to take their frozen lemonade treat away from them. (There's a wonderful frozen lemonade truck that comes to the beach. The kids really look forward to it.) It didn't help. My boys are normally not behaved in this manner. My boys usually have manners. But not that day. Rebecca and I took one stroll over to the other side of the store to check out the light blue Jack Rodgers and when I spotted the boys, their hands rolling over the ties (not in a bad way -- they were picking one out for Daddy.) The old sales ladies were looking (glaring) at them with such disgust as though the boys had mud or peanut butter or dirt smeared all over them that I had to laugh. I'd had enough. I took the kids by the hand and declared, as I walked out of the store, "Come on kids, we're headed over to Michael Hayes!"

And if you ever to go to Newport you have to (really have to) stop off at Michael Hayes and Michael Hayes for Kids on Bellevue Avenue. You will thank me!

Seriously, the Angela Moore people were r.u.d.e... If you don't want children in your store then don't sell children's things. I'm not sure I will go back in. I mean really, who do they think they are? The ladies at Tiffany's are far more engaging toward my children, and yes, even my boys!

And all the while, I kept asking myself, "What would Semi-Slacker do?"