What's in Your Car?

We're trading the van in today. YIPPEE!!!! I am so excited I can't stand it! I loved the van but never really wanted it. It was perfect for everything I needed, but it was never me. It was a "Mom" car. And I have enough reminders that I am a Mom and so if I get an opportunity to drive around without Loud Boisterous Offspring I would love to temporarily forget about them. I love them dearly, but as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Three and a half years ago we had to trade in our Volvo wagon for a van. It was the saddest day in my life... Ok, so I am being a bit dramatic here, but I'm the writer and I'm allowed. We got the Volvo shortly after Christopher was born. We had one before that but it was on it's last leg and we had to put her in greener pastures. So we got our new Volvo and I loved it. It was the perfect car for me. Then Alexander came in and three car seats in one row were too hard to buckle and too squished together. And then there was the time, in October, both older kids came home with fevers. And since they were packed in like sardines Alexander got sick too. He was 6 weeks old and diagnosed with RSV. It was scary. So the Volvo had to go.

We looked at many SUVs and a van. We looked at many more SUVs and the van. Finally I was coerced into getting the van. Daddy was right. It really was the most practical vehicle for us at that time. And I didn't want to drive a Suburban or Yukon... those are too big for me. He promised me bells and whistles. And he got me bells and whistles. I had leather and wood trim, a rear back-up camera, navigation, blue tooth, DVD, etc... you name it, it had it. And it was roomy and great and it was practical. The deal was (my deal) that I would drive the car on a lease because I didn't want to be tied into a van forever. Agreed. Papers were signed and my love/hate relationship with my van had begun.

My lease is up in 2 days. And I could not be any more excited. Tonight I sign the papers to my new car. MY car. Yes, I will schlep my kids around but it will be my car and they will have to be nice to my car. And they will not leave their crap in my car and they will not leave their garbage in my car. And they will wash my car. Daily. Ok, I'm kidding there... kinda sorta!

So over the past couple of days I had the arduous task of emptying out the contents of my Second Home. In it, that I had to remove, were:

* 1 box of Kleenex tissues -- I keep this in front of the console. Kids say they never have to blow their noses. I have proven them wrong many a time!
* my ipod and charger and earplug
* one blue mitten
* 2 pieces of Bazooka bubble gum
* 3 broken pencils
* assorted crayons and a coloring book
* assorted books,for Alexander
* assorted magazines, for Moi
* a stash of quarters
* 2 chapsticks and my missing Juicy Tubes lip gloss!
* ticket stubs to a movie
* a DVD case
* a CD case
* a 6 pack (2 missing) miniature Poland Springs water
* 1 lonely box of juice
* crumbs, paper clips and rocks
* 2 beach chairs
* 1 towel
* a fire truck and a digger
* a red fleece jacket, size 4
* 6 reusable grocery bags
* an empty pack of gum
* assorted gum wrappers and lollipop sticks -- lovely!
* 3 Bandaids
* an empty box (travel size) of baby wipes
* a travel sized bottle of Purell
* a few pieces of "art" that Alexander had made
* a missing Visa bill -- oh snap!
* both headsets to DVD player -- to remain in car
* garage door opener
* EZ pass
* Alexander's Buzz Lightyear key chain
* Alexander's telephone
* 1 navy knee sock ????!!!!
* soccer ball
* 2 CVS plastic bags that I keep in the glove box to use as an emergency garbage bag
*1 pink Pez candy

Wonder what this reveals about us?

What's hiding out in your car?