My Birthday Wishlist...

(4 days and counting!!!)

I'm not asking for much this year as we are still up to our necks with home renovations, and who am I to even ask for anything after getting my lovely new car. I wasn't going to ask for anything at all but Daddy wants me to make a Wish List... and well, a sucker for clothes, I can never have too many clothes, shoes or bags!

And I do need a new tea kettle. I haven't replaced the old one yet and I have been coveting this one by Le Creuset that I keep seeing over and over again in the Williams-Sonoma catalogue. I'm waiting though because I need to be certain as to how we'll paint the kitchen. I hate not having a tea kettle. If you are not familiar with the story, click here for a good laugh!

I'd love another pair of Tory Burch's Reva flats. I have them in metallic silver and I adore them. I can wear them in the wintertime and in the summertime. I can wear them with skirts, pants and jeans and they always look fabulous. I really like the nautical looking ones and I do need a pair of navy shoes... great with white and denim...

but as I was perusing her sight I saw these to die for sandals! (Sorry I was not able to copy the picture in the full size. But click here if you want to see how yummy they really are.) I love the sandal and can wear them with skirts and white pants, black pants or jeans... but would I be better off with the Reva flat as I would get more year 'round use out of them... Sandals in November in Connecticut is not necessarily a good thing!

I love, love, love the below skirt from JCrew... would look adorable with those sandals! I could dress it up with a crisp white blouse and chunky pearls or go casual with a white T-shirt... White T-shirts, skirts and flip flops/sandals are a staple of my summer wardrobe.

I must own at least 10 white T-shirts and my favorites are from Banana Republic. I wear white T-shirts all the time, alone, under cardigans, and under jackets. I love jackets. JCrew jackets are my favorite. And I so need the following two! If you look really closely the white one has my name written all over it!

I don't need any more jewelry -- earrings, rings, watches... This year I'm keeping it simple. And really more than anything I might like to have some friends over and have a nice BBQ and a few cocktails... a low key, relaxed thing... nothing fancy, nothing fussy and I might make this Champagne Mojito that sounded absolutely to die for... we'll see what Daddy has planned, if anything... or if I need to plan something myself ;)