I hope you never catch your 10 year old reading this!

Yeppers... she found my Tiffany's charms catalog! LOL She has a charm bracelet that my mother in law gave her. (It is NOT Tiffany!) But two of her friends have them and already have quite the charm collection. The charms are adorable but they are not inexpensive!

In the next picture she is looking at the prices of each charm (in most cases more expensive than the bracelet itself) and I'm letting her know she'll have a few more years to go before she even thinks about asking for such a thing given the fact that she can take care of nothing and lost her cell phone for 2 weeks (and I subsequently took it away for 2 weeks) and her iPod's been missing for I don't know how long and her room is always a mess and her drawers are always a mess and her closet is always a mess...

Which is pretty funny considering what she told me earlier on that day. I had her Lilly dress in the laundry room. I often toss them in the washer on the gentle cycle -- I had a dry cleaner ruin one of my favorite Lilly skirts a few years ago and I have never had a problem with the gentle cycle. So Rebecca came in and asked what I was doing and I told her.
"You can't do that!" She told me.
"Why not?"
"Because it is a rare and special dress," she informs me.
"It is?"
"Moooom," she says in exasperation. "It's a special 50th Anniversary dress!"
"It is?!" (I just picked it out because I liked it!)
"Look," she tells me, and points to the number 5o that appears in the artwork of one of the squares of her dress.
I had no idea!
Then she tells me that I can't eBay it either. (Not that I do. Or ever have. I just talk about eBaying their stuff all the time!)
I find her sudden appreciation for the finer things in life pretty humorous because she really is such a slob! She's hanging withe the right crowd, but I need to tell her to get a job so that she can keep up with them and buy me some Tiffany jewelry!
On Friday the school had their May Day celebration. It's a wonderful morning where the kids sing and dance around the May Pole. The children come to school wearing their "Sunday Best" and most of the children do. I love to see the girls in their dresses and the boys in their jackets and ties!
Below Rebecca is sandwiched in between her two bffs Syd and Eva who went shopping on the same day. (Note Rebecca is the one with the sloppy hair!!!)