Good Mom Bad Mom

Rebecca's class headed to Mystic Seaport today with the Third Graders. I was supposed to go and chaperone but when I learned that we had to be at school and on the bus at 8:00 (normal school start time is 8:30) and wouldn't be home until after 4:30 I just felt that I couldn't go. I had arranged for Alexander to stay at school for the whole day, but the extra hours just made it too long a day for a three year old. Rebecca was terribly disappointed and asked if she could stay home with me instead. I thought about it and thought it was a great idea.
Rebecca, Alexander and I had a lovely morning together, just the three of us. (Christopher tried to stay home too, but I wouldn't let him. He'll have his special day with me very soon.) On Wednesdays Alexander has his class in the afternoons so Rebecca and I dropped him off then headed out to lunch to spend a little time together, mother and daughter, just the two of us without the brothers to distract. We went downtown to Cafe Madeline for lunch.

We talked about this and that and poured over paint swatches deciding what colors to paint the bathroom off of the kitchen, the family room and the kitchen. Rebecca, it turns out, has great taste... Of course she does; the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

After not too long a wait our food came. We ordered some delicious panini -- each of us choosing a different sandwich so that we could try both. I almost treated myself to a Peach Bellini, but decided to save the calories for the dessert menu. This ended up being a very wise decision!

I chose the Affogado, a traditional Italian dessert in which a scoop of vanilla gelatto is served with piping hot espresso. It was absolutely TO.DIE.FOR!

And Rebecca ordered a warm apple tart with vanilla gelatto. That was pretty good too ;) Of course I had to try some!

As you can see nothing was left to waste!

With full bellies we walked down the street and stopped in at Border's. Rebecca's been nagging me for this book Allie Finkle, Rules for Girls and just because I felt like being nice I also got her Allie Finkle, Best Friends and Drama Queens -- Tweenybopper lit!

I didn't get myself anything. It took a great deal of restraint on my part. I did sit down with a few cocktail books though, mentally noting recipes...

We had a great day together and I promise not to wait another 6 months before we get some alone time together again!

The other day I noticed that Alexander was tripping over his feet. (More so than usual) and looked down at his little blue sneakers and thought to myself that (other than his white boat shoes we got for Florida) he hadn't gotten any new shoes since September! Surely his feet must have grown a size since then. So I took him over to Stride Rite to get measured. The sales girl told me he was a size 12. So that would explain the tripping. You would be tripping all over the place if the shoes you were wearing were two sizes too small!
He wanted these cute little red sneakers but there were none in his size. He was a bit sad but I found a pair that I immediately fell madly in love with and he liked them too! I love a plain white classic sneaker and these fit the bill. He's so proud of his new shoes and probably feels like he got two new feet as well!

After the shoes we went next door so the boys could get hair cuts. They were way overdue. Christopher hates to get his hair cut and I had to bribe him to go! (Salt and Vinegar potato chips and a Gatorade) He looks adorable. Absolutely adorable but he hates it. He wouldn't let me take his picture. Alexander on the other hand...

... doesn't know how to smile with his eyes open!

My Birthday is in FIVE days... stay tuned to see what my big give away will be. I know you will all love it!!!