Sun, Sun, GO AWAY and Come again Another Day!

This is getting ridiculous. So the hot July temperatures left us a few days ago and we were supposed to be in the low 60s. But we kept creeping up to the high 60s/low 70s... not that there's anything wrong with that at all, except for the fact that is is absolutely perfect weather. Sweater weather. I just love sweater weather. Because you can still wear sweaters and cute pans and you can wear little sandals and flip flops without looking like you're a creature from another planet! I vow never to encapsulate my toes unless it's raining or a frost is forecasted!

I ran errands all morning... dry cleaning, pediatrician to pick up a prescription, Tiffany's to pick up a little something for a first communion gift and then off to look at cars... something that will replace the van. After 3 long, long years it's about time to say Hasta La Vista Baby to my van! I was looking forward to going home after school and plunking Alexander down on the computer or in front of the television so that I could finally get caught up on laundry, cleaning, laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, etc. We are so overdue. It's been 2 months since we let our cleaning lady go. We save about $300 a month and I do not miss her at all. I've had no problem keeping the house clean and tidy without her. I actually enjoy cleaning and vacuuming... Until last weekend when the sun came out to shine.

But Alexander didn't want to come home. He wanted to stay at school and have lunch. So we did. There were pancakes today and Alexander loves them! (There is also a full salad and soup bar for those who didn't want breakfast at lunchtime today!) After lunch Alexander wanted to go to the playground. So I took him as a good mother would. We played and ran and looked at birds drinking from the stream and we stayed there for about an hour. I finally managed to get him to come home.

I had an hour to be productive and get stuff done before heading off to school to get the other two. But then I saw the mess in the kitchen and got overwhelmed... and then distracted when I sat down at the computer... as I always do when this happens.

At the end of the day I did mange to tidy up the kitchen, then mess it up for dinner then clean it up afterwards. But all the other messes remain where they had been all day. Maybe tomorrow... it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Please let it rain tomorrow!!