Our Decorating Egg-stravaganza!

We've been busy this morning. First the kids all made watercolor resist pictures. They drew pictures with white crayon on white paper and then applied water colors to the paper to create some wonderful pictures. Then we colored our eggs. I bought 3 dozen eggs... I figured that would keep us busy enough! We had a great time and I love the way our eggs turned out! See below to learn how to achieve some of the unique results! Ok... now I am off to bake because the kids want to decorate cookies. I'm glad they are busy and having fun and being creative but all this fun is tiring me out!

This egg was created by first dipping drawing an image on the egg in white crayon then placing the egg in yellow food coloring, then placing it for a much longer time in the blue food coloring.

After we had dyed most of the eggs we added a little bit of cooking oil to some of the colors. We took a white egg and dipped it in blue and purple. I love the speckled look the cooking oil gave the egg.

This white egg was also dipped in to the blue that had the cooking oil in it.

As was this. But first we took an egg let it soak in pink food coloring and then soaked it in the blue coloring with the vegetable oil.

This egg was an accident! I took a pink egg and placed it in orange. I had just added an extra color tablet to the yellow and it hadn't quite mixed in. Looks like a sunset!

We took a pink egg and dipped in purple for various lengths.

A light blue egg dipped in purple on one side and green on the other. We found that adding extra food coloring and extra vinegar made the colors super vibrant. And if you make a mistake everything can be washed off with soap and water!

Here we cut our shapes from thin masking tape and applied it to the egg as decals. The egg was then dyed green and the tape was removed for a batik-y effect.

One white egg dipped in yellow on one side, then blue, then green. On the other side dipped in pink and purple.

A white egg dipped in blue and green.

Here a white egg was dipped in yellow then taped with thin masking tape, then soaked in pink then purple food coloring. The tape was removed to give the egg this very cool effect.

What happens when you dye brown eggs pink then yellow? This lovely red! We'll definitely dye more brown eggs next year. We only dyed two this year. They happened to be sitting in the fridge.

White tape was cut into shapes and then applied to the egg. The egg sat in pink food coloring and the tape was removed.