Girfriends new and old...

I have a busy day planned for tomorrow. In the morning I will finally get to meet KK for coffee over at Starbucks. I still haven't figured out what I will wear for this date -- pretty sure hair will be tossed up since it is already 11:00 and I am not sure I will be up early enough to shower, dress, yell at the kids, get the kids ready for school, yell at them some more, make and feed them breakfast and yell at them all one final time because we are late and homework has been forgotten, gym clothes were not packed, permission slips were lost, hair was not brushed, teeth were not brushed, cereal was spilled on pants, shoes and coats are not on and no one is in the car when they should be. Am I the only one out there who perpetually looses her voice before the clock strikes 9? Sheesh... Not sure what the weather forecast is. 50s and sunny is a helluva lot different than 50s and cloudy. I'll fill you in, you can be sure! I had wanted to bake KK some of my favorite chocolate chip cookies. I was going to package them up in a little cellophane bag and tie them up in pretty pink and green ribbon. The cookies never got made, though the ingredients still sit out on the counter. I was busy and the time got away and what started out as good intentions unfortunately stayed that way. I feel lousy about it but I got to be too tired and I had ignored Alexander pretty much all of the day as I spent the day on the phone making necessary phone calls that I have avoided for much too long. He was a great sport. We did play a little in the morning and the rest of the day he busied himself with his cars and his toys and a little Disney on TV. So, by day's end I felt he needed a little bit of my attention.

My book club is scheduled to meet tomorrow night. We read a fabulous book. Seriously one of the best books I have read in a long, long time. I was so excited for us to get together not just because we always have a great time and never run out of things to say but because this book was so good on so many levels. The book, called Still Alice, was written by Lisa Genova and is the story of Alice, a Harvard professor with a PhD in Psychology who develops early-onset Alzheimer's. It is endearing, moving, touching and thought provoking. It's a quick read and yet so very complex, much like the disease itself. It's uncomfortable-making as well. It's a beautifully written read that deserves to be read by all. Especially women. Especially mothers.

I learned late this morning that Daddy had plans to be out tomorrow night as well. He has to go off and schmooze some doctors. I could find a sitter or else bow out gracefully. Unable to locate a sitter in such a short period of time I sent an email out to the girls letting them know that I might not be able to make it tomorrow night. Shortly thereafter dear, dear Susan sends me an email in reply informing me that she is happy to bring everything -- food, wine, dessert -- to me! She knows how much I have enjoyed the book and how eager I am to discuss it and she didn't want me to miss out. How utterly super-sweet is that? So tomorrow night book club will be here with Susan's fabulous cuisine and wine! Really, could my day get any better at all?