Easter... A day in pictures.

We had a lovely Easter at home this morning. The kids were up before the sun ready to look for their baskets and hunt for eggs. I shooed them off to the play room and told them to stay there until 8:00. At 7:30 we led them into the living room to see what the Easter Bunny had delivered overnight. An hour later we ventured outside into the blustery, frigid temperatures to look for hidden eggs. There were a total of 36 hidden. Some filled with a few m&ms, some a Dove egg and some were empty. Each child was to have found a dozen eggs. But two are still missing!

We enjoyed a lovely morning before heading to New York to join the in-laws and cousins.

Enjoy our photos!
Above, Rebecca's basket filled with some yarn for knitting, a few packages of beads, a small chocolate Lindt bunny (I know! I know!) and one of those balls at the edge of a long rope that is attached to a ring that you place around your ankle... you are supposed to jump over the ball. And some bubbles.
Christopher got 2 Star Wars Lego toys, a large package of Pokemon cards, some bubbles and a foam airplane that flies and shoots bubbles.
Alexander's basket was filled with a couple of Little People Easter figures and Matchbox cars, bubbles and the airplane bubble machine. Yes, both got small Lindt bunnies despite my initial idea to keep the baskets candy-free. I think I did a great job of that none the less!