Travel activities

Whether you are going away for Spring vacation or you have plans to do a lot of traveling this summer... Whether you will be away for a few nights or a few weeks... Whether you'll be travelling by car or plane... you'll need things to keep the kids entertained. In my day I played with my shoe laces. I made all sorts of shapes like bunny ears and formed letters of the alphabet with them. They were attached to my shoes and so I didn't have to worry about carrying them or losing them. OMG, I am SO kidding!!!!

Actually I loved traveling because it meant new things for me. My mom never shopped for me. I didn't need anything (according to her) and I had too much as it was (according to her). Presents came twice a year, at Christmas and for my Birthday. Luckily they are 6 months apart. My parents thought that anything else was simply frivolous. You'll not be the least bit shocked to hear that my mother thinks my kids have too much and they don't need anything. Well, this might actually be true!

We went to the South of France every June to visit my grandmother for the summer. These are some of the best memories of my youth. I loved to fly. My mother and I used to play hide and seek in the airports in the empty gates. Once we narrowly escaped missing our plane. These days such is unheard of. We'd be handcuffed by security officers and sent to Airport Jail!

Like my children, I had a little carry-on bag. It was filled with story books, coloring books, crayons --brand new Crayola crayons. Is there no better smell in the world? I would have some cards for Go Fish and Old Maid and Poker. Ok, not really for Poker! And those days, the airlines would hand out toys and airplane pins to wear that resembled the Pilot's. Before the airplanes got cramped overcrowded and really cheap.

I have items that my children haven't seen yet. I've packed them in their backpacks. They all have new note pads -- unlined and markers, Wikki stix, stickers, books, bubble gum for take-off and landing and an activity book. I packed small Magna Doodles, a dry erase board (so Alexander can practice his alphabet!) and a small Etch-a-Sketch. For Alexander I have a few cars and Buzz Lightyears in his suitcase. The older two have their Nintendo DSs. I don't foresee much downtime in the hotel, so this will be enough to hold them over for a couple of hours here and there. These items all work well on planes and cars. I'll pack stuff like this when we go to Maine this summer too. Plus some board games. And Rebecca's beads. She's all into jewelry-making these days.

What do you all travel with to keep the kids from getting restless?