Beyond Procrastination

Is there a word for that?

I should be packed. The kids should be packed. No one is packed. The kids have new clothes, so in essence I can just transfer them from shopping bag to suitcase. Easy enough. Tonight when Alexander was in the bathtub, I finally gathered together lotions and shampoos and Band-aids, sunscreen, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Motrin, Tylenol and Benadryl, etc... I gathered together some books and small toys for Alexander. And that's all I've done. I still need sweaters for the boys and sandals. If I can't get to Sears to pick up the Land's End sandals we've worn every summer so far they can make do with sneakers. Might just have to be that way. They've got flip-flops for the pool. All my summer stuff is all wrinkled in large plastic bins in the attic. An old pull-down attic.

I am so not looking forward to packing for myself. I am so not excited to try things on and be shocked and appalled by the flabby white ghost staring back at me. I hate packing. I went to Target this evening to pick up a few things. Arm bands for the pool for Alexander. Markers, notebooks, books, and magazines for the kids as well as myself. Sugar-free bubble gum for the kids for take-off and landing. Vanilla organic milk -- like they sell at Starbucks for that morning. Crap! Can't bring it on the plane. Well, I suppose they can drink it on the way to the airport. I got new underwear for the kids. Really cute underwear for the kids. Maddras underwear for Becca! Sunglasses (because I am guaranteed to lose a pair a day!) for me (So cute, btw, that I may permanently forgo my designer shades!) and for Rebecca and Alexander. So we're getting there. I may not have any clothes but at least my eyes will be protected and stylish! But I still have to pack which means going in to the attic...

And the house is a mess. The kids are off and I can not keep the place clean. And I haven't been home enough to even try to. I need a cleaning lady. Desperately. I'll work on that when I get back. I can't keep up with the laundry. I need a few items that are in the washing machine. Like my new jeans. Which are way too big. Ugh. I'm usually all packed and ready to go long before I am due to leave. I just can't get my act together this time. I foresee a few dreams in the very near future. And they involve me running through the airplane in a hurry, naked... but wearing some oh so adorable sunglasses!