Arghhhhh! Where'd my Coffee Go?

I have two cups (mugs) of coffee every morning. The first cup I have is usually at 5:00 when I am awakened by Daddy's alarm clock so rudely sounding off. He seems to have no problem going back to sleep. I, on the other hand, cannot. And even though my eyes are heavy and half open I can not fall back asleep as hard as I try. I don't waste my time tossing and turning. I get up and make myself a cup of coffee. The coffee is already made. We set the coffee maker up the night before so that by morning it is brewed and hot to perfection. All I need is a mug, a little Equal, a little sugar and some milk. And my microwave. And my frother.

I pour about 1/4 cup of milk in to my mug and place it in the mug for 40 seconds so that it gets piping hot. I add my sugar mixture and my frother and I froth away. A few seconds later I have a nice stiff foam. I pour my coffee and I have not just a warm beverage but a decadent morning treat!

There is nothing I enjoy so much as my cappuccino and lounging in bed. Alexander always crawls in at some point in the middle of the night. Sometimes I am aware of his presence and sometimes I am not. He is always there in the morning when I wake up, slumbering peacefully next to me. I watch local news first, tune in to the weather and whatever else the stations deems newsworthy. At 6:00 I switch the channel to 68, my MSNBC station and tune in to Joe, Mika and Willie. (I have blogged about my love of all things Joe Scarborough in the past.) I can no longer watch the fluff of the Today Show. Those guys got nothin' on these guys. At some point Alexander wakes up and then I must succumb to whatever is on children's television. The choices, prior to 7 am aren't pretty. By 7:00 we can tune into Handy Manny and I pull out my laptop while Alexander learns the latest tricks of the tool-trade. He's happy and since I am still sipping away at my cappuccino, I am happy too.

And then I start to feel that I ought to get up and be productive. If there is school the kids need to be woken up and hustled. If there is no school there is still stuff to be done here. I will make myself one more cup and attack all that needs to be attacked. I walk around the house with my coffee in hand. Together we go to the laundry room, family room, office, kitchen, kids' rooms, their bathroom, my bedroom and my bathroom. And at some point on that lovely journey yesterday I lost my mug. I spent more time looking for it than it would have taken me to make another one! Eventually I gave up hope and stop. I knew at some point I would find it. I always do. And I did. Later in the evening I found the mug of coffee filled to capacity on the desk in Christoper's room!

Funny, I rarely, very rarely misplace my wine glass and I have been known to walk around the house with that too!