April Showers bring Spring Flower Bookmarks!

It's warm outside. Warm enough that we can go play wearing just a light jacket or sweater. In our backyard we noticed the daffodils starting to blossom. Spring is in the air! And so when Alexander asked to do a craft, we chose one to bookmark this fabulous weather! (Pun very much intended!) These adorable things are so easy to make and are a perfect gift for a parent, grandparent, teacher or sibling. Rebecca made them all the time when she was little. I am sure she will love the one Alexander made for her today!

To make your Spring Flower Bookmark you will need:
Some craft glue
Some Grosgrain ribbon
Foam flower pieces (available at any craft store)
Craft or fabric glue and scissors

Line the table with paper or an old towel
Cut off a desired amount of ribbon. At the top of the ribbon place a dab of glue, place large foam flower on the glue, press well. Repeat steps for smaller flower and circle. Set aside to dry for an hour or so.
To use as a bookmark place in book backside toward you, fold the ribbon over. (You can glue another flower on the other side so that there is not back or front to your flower.)