Why am I so damned tired?

Why did Don's alarm manage to wake everyone up except for him this mornign at 5:45?

Why are little boys so perfect the moment they wake up for the day and go steadily downhill from that moment on?

Why were we so late for school?

Why did Rebecca slip on the ice while getting out of the car in the parking lot resulting in our need to drive all the way back home for a change of clothes?

Why was she so sad despite the fact that I told her that she was not in trouble and slipping was not her fault?

Why were the wheels for disaster already set?

Why are little boys so messy?

Why do little boy's toys take over the entire house despite your best effort to put them away?

Why do kids scream and fight and kick and yell?

Why are Three Year Olds so Terrible?

Why are girls so sassy?

Why do big-little boys get up on the weekends but never during the week?

Why do little girls have to have attitude?

Why do little brothers have to emulate everything?

Why did I take a little three year old to the grocery store today?

Why do little boys not sit in the shopping carts like they promise they would?

Why do little boys not sit in the special Fire Truck shopping carts you search high and low for like they promise they would?

Why do little boys want everything they see in the grocery store?

Why do little boys have to shout out at the top of their voices that they don't like THAT lady in the grocery store because she is not pretty?

Why does my grocery bill go up at least 10% when I shop with little boys? (And more if I have all three?)

Why do little boys run up and down the aisles?

Why do little boys say "You Stupid Jerk!" to the strange lady as they run down the aisle?

Why do I always believe little boys who say they are sorry and "will never ever ever do that again"?

Why do people look at me as though I am the villain when I say NO to the little boy because he has not been a good little boy, therefore making the little boy cry?

Why do I have no sympathy for little boys who try to jump off moving shopping carts and slip and fall?

Why do I get evil looks from people as I speak sternly to my little boy about the dangers of jumping off of moving shopping carts?

Why do little boys run down the aisle of the grocery store shouting (really, really loudly) "Don't hurt me, Mamma!"

Why is this par for the course, a typical grocery shopping experience?

Why don't I order my groceries from Peapod.com more often?

Why can't little boys be more mild mannered like little girls?

Why are little boys so darn cute when they say they are sorry?

Why are little boys so very infuriating and yet so very wonderful?

Why is there not a more perfect moment than tucking sleepy little boys in their beds at the end of the day?

Why is there nothing better, in the entire world, than sweet, wet, little boys kisses, even after they have been so terribly devilish?

Why do little boys melt your heart and tug at your heart strings?