Why? Why? Why?

Clearly we have entered the "Why?" phase... No, not Rebecca. No, not Christopher. Wrong again! Not Alexander. ME! You'd have thought that I had outgrown this phase a long, long time ago. But you were wrong, very wrong! Here are the "why's" I have found myself asking myself (and now I am talking to myself too, it seems!) over the past couple of days.

why can't little boys EVER learn to lift the seat?

why can't little boys flush?

why can't children rinse the spit out after they have done brushing? (this annoys me to NO end)

why are children so adverse to putting toys away -- so much so you would think such a task might send them into anaphylactic shock...

why do children whine?

why don't they understand the word no?

why won't they wake up on time?

why won't they go to bed on time?

why won't they blow their noses?

why must they be told to be quiet when I am putting the youngest to sleep after 3 years of the same drill?

why do they become louder the minute I ask them to be quiet?

why are they full from dinner but not for dessert?

why can't they hang their coats up-put their clothes away?

why am I mean?

why am I unfair?

why is it so much trouble to tuck in your shirt and brush your hair?

why does my oldest have to have the last word?

why does she always have to be right?

why do they always stand inside the fridge when they ask for a snack?

why do they always want to tell me about their day at 10pm and yet when I ask them at 4pm they tell me they have done nothing that day?

why isn't playing with a sibling considered a play date?

why won't you play with your siblings?

why are you always bored?

why can't you ever ask your father for help-snack-drink-help?

why do all little kids want to help you with whatever you're doing and as soon as they get a bit older they go into convulsions if you ask for their help?

why can't I go to the bathroom without a child barging in or banging on the door with the greatest of urgencies?

why is the house so much quiet with just two children?

why didn't I listen when everyone said that 3 children is more than double the work of 2 children?

why do I bite off more than I can chew?

why can't I say No?

why do I have no memory left?

why is my wasitline getting thicker by the second?

why aren't m&ms a food group?

why do the kids fight getting into the shower/bath?

why can't I get the kids out of the shower/bath?

why is my hamper always full, even after I empty it?

why does one have to wait until 5:00 to have a glass of wine?

why do kids have more energy than parents?

why is youth wasted on the young?

why can't my kids throw stuff into the garbage without it landing on the floor?

why do they think my car is a garbage can?